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Friday, January 31st, 2003
Girlie Girls…

I was riding in a car today with a good friend, who accused me of being a girl. Well actually not just a girl, but a girlie girl. After years of existing as a tomboy my automatic response was to deny her claim. Before I managed to open my mouth and insert my foot, I had second thoughts. Why was that such a bad thing?

As the day progressed we discussed what she’d meant by that statement. Come to find out it was because of the items lining my bathroom sink. We ended up giggling about the whole thing over lunch and decided what we needed was to have a girlie day. It has been a long time since I’ve thought about having a day for the girls, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I missed girlie days. The thought of getting makeovers and going shopping, perhaps getting manicures and pedicures sounded wonderful.

I wonder when I decided not to do things like that anymore. Was it even a conscious decision? Did I get so busy that I forgot to take the time out to play?

Unfortunately the answer that came to me was a resounding yes.

Well I’m happy to say that I will soon be breaking my long standing girlie day fast. We’ve yet to mark it down on the calendar, but it’s definitely in the works. And I can’t wait.

Thursday, January 30th, 2003
Family, Friends, and the Romantica Writer…

The strangest thing happens when you begin to write romantica or even romance for that matter. You get embarrassed about things that you are in absolutely no way ashamed of…like writing sex scenes. You start to look at your family and friends in a new light.

The scary thing is…they do the same.

You think everything is cool until you actually sign a contract, then a strange thing happens. Family and friends start to give you opinions about your work. These range from ‘I’m proud of you’ to ‘I can’t believe you’re writing this stuff’. The weirdest comments are from the friends who believe you are writing about your own life. LOL!

Now I’ve had my moments, no doubt about it, but in no way has or does my life resemble the fiction I write. Boy, wouldn’t it be exciting if it did. I’d dig meeting vampires and werewolves, at least for a second before I freaked. And I’d love to leave the planet. But I digress.

The sad part is what brings me happiness also loses me some friendships. I’ve had people distance themselves since discovering I write. I have to admit this perplexes me. The only thing I can equate it to is the insidiousness of fame, where you actually haven’t changed, but people view you as if you had. Now before I say anymore, realize I DO NOT consider myself famous, nor do I seek to be famous. LOL! It was just the best analogy I could think of at the time.

I wish I had the answers to remedy this problem, but I’m still finding my way. I guess my best hope is that everyone else does the same.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

Today I spent most of my time editing. I cannot believe how long that process takes some times. You think after writing and doing mini-edits along the way the finished product would be pretty polished. Then you make the mistake of sitting down to edit.

It’s like all hell breaks loose. Where did that word come from? How many times have I said ached? What color was her hair three pages ago? I tell you it’s enough to bring a grown woman to tears.

Fortunately it didn’t come to that. I actually finished. I’m now entering all my changes. Hopefully it will go a little quicker than finding the problems did. Give me strength.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. My stomach’s always unsettled until I’ve been up for a few hours and by then it’s closer to lunch. I think whoever invented brunch had the right idea.

You can get sleep, take your time waking up, and then go have a fine meal where you have a choice of breakfast and lunch items. It’s perfect really if you think about it.

I just got back from having brunch with a dear friend who always makes me laugh. Over eggs she told me the cutest joke. It goes like this: A man is waiting for his breakfast to come out. The cook steps out of the kitchen and approaches his table. From the look on the cook’s face the man can tell something’s wrong. Before he has a chance to ask the cook what’s happened, the cook pipes up and says there will be a slight delay in getting his pancakes to him. The man asks why. The cook says, “I haven’t figured out how to get them off of the ceiling yet.”

Now I realize this is probably a ‘you needed to be there’ kind of joke, but over eggs and pancakes we found it quite funny.

Monday, January 27th, 2003
Coolest Show…

I was watching BBC America the other day and caught the coolest show. It was called ‘What Not to Wear’. These two women fashion journalists host the show. Women from G.B. are nominated by their friends and family, without their knowledge, to have a makeover done on their wardrobe.

So they’re secretly taped for a week and then cornered by the hosts with the evidence of their clothing disasters. It’s actually fairly horrifying if your clothes are say, built for comfort. But the cool thing is they take these women to their studio and show them what they should be wearing. They don’t care what size you are because their motto is any woman can look good if they know what not to wear. They then give these women $3000.00 to go shopping for a new wardrobe, after the women surrender their old one.

The weird thing is I’ve learned so much about fashion watching this show. They’ve taught me what types of cuts of clothes look good for my body type, definitely what not to wear, and the use of color. Something I’ve shied away from in the past, unless you consider black a major color.

This is impressive, because if you knew my best friend (a clothing designer) she’d be the first to say I have absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever. I never have known what was the ‘in’ thing to wear and most of the time I was about a year behind-at least. The show has done something I’d never thought possible…made shopping fun. I’m one of those rare women who do not enjoy trying on clothes or wading through stores, unless they’re full of books.LOL!

Sunday, January 26th, 2003
Why I write…

I’ve been asked a lot lately if I consider romantica (romance + erotica) trash. Mmm…very strange question considering I write it.

It’s funny, I consider myself a romance author first and foremost. I tend to write a little of everything including murder/mystery, paranormals, and of course my romantica titles. I’ve never considered anything having to do with romance-trash.

In fact, I find romance essential in my life. What surprises me is how many people don’t. It’s sad really…to exist in such a bleak and surpressed world.

I guess I choose not to, which is why I write, read, and continue to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in romance.

Saturday, January 25th, 2003
Lord of the Rings & TT

I cannot be the only one obsessed with LOTR & TT. I listen to the soundtrack, which is amazing BTW, and can easily picture the scenes each song pertains to. I can’t hardly wait for Return of the King. Ahhh!!! Why does it have to be a year?

Of course, come May, the Matrix Reloaded will hit the big screen. My dh and I have been waiting for this one ever since we heard there was a sequel in the works. I really must cut back on the caffeine.