January 27th, 2003
Coolest Show…

I was watching BBC America the other day and caught the coolest show. It was called ‘What Not to Wear’. These two women fashion journalists host the show. Women from G.B. are nominated by their friends and family, without their knowledge, to have a makeover done on their wardrobe.

So they’re secretly taped for a week and then cornered by the hosts with the evidence of their clothing disasters. It’s actually fairly horrifying if your clothes are say, built for comfort. But the cool thing is they take these women to their studio and show them what they should be wearing. They don’t care what size you are because their motto is any woman can look good if they know what not to wear. They then give these women $3000.00 to go shopping for a new wardrobe, after the women surrender their old one.

The weird thing is I’ve learned so much about fashion watching this show. They’ve taught me what types of cuts of clothes look good for my body type, definitely what not to wear, and the use of color. Something I’ve shied away from in the past, unless you consider black a major color.

This is impressive, because if you knew my best friend (a clothing designer) she’d be the first to say I have absolutely no sense of fashion whatsoever. I never have known what was the ‘in’ thing to wear and most of the time I was about a year behind-at least. The show has done something I’d never thought possible…made shopping fun. I’m one of those rare women who do not enjoy trying on clothes or wading through stores, unless they’re full of books.LOL!

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  1. Jordan!!!! Now you’re talkn’… I would love to watch that show and I am on a mission now to find that channel!! Alana