January 30th, 2003
Family, Friends, and the Romantica Writer…

The strangest thing happens when you begin to write romantica or even romance for that matter. You get embarrassed about things that you are in absolutely no way ashamed of…like writing sex scenes. You start to look at your family and friends in a new light.

The scary thing is…they do the same.

You think everything is cool until you actually sign a contract, then a strange thing happens. Family and friends start to give you opinions about your work. These range from ‘I’m proud of you’ to ‘I can’t believe you’re writing this stuff’. The weirdest comments are from the friends who believe you are writing about your own life. LOL!

Now I’ve had my moments, no doubt about it, but in no way has or does my life resemble the fiction I write. Boy, wouldn’t it be exciting if it did. I’d dig meeting vampires and werewolves, at least for a second before I freaked. And I’d love to leave the planet. But I digress.

The sad part is what brings me happiness also loses me some friendships. I’ve had people distance themselves since discovering I write. I have to admit this perplexes me. The only thing I can equate it to is the insidiousness of fame, where you actually haven’t changed, but people view you as if you had. Now before I say anymore, realize I DO NOT consider myself famous, nor do I seek to be famous. LOL! It was just the best analogy I could think of at the time.

I wish I had the answers to remedy this problem, but I’m still finding my way. I guess my best hope is that everyone else does the same.

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  1. Jordan,
    After knowing you for some time, I think a person who would distance themself from you really must not have been your friend in the first place. You are genuine. I am intrigued and in suspense, when it comes to your books. Besides everyone has to have an outlet.