January 25th, 2003
Lord of the Rings & TT

I cannot be the only one obsessed with LOTR & TT. I listen to the soundtrack, which is amazing BTW, and can easily picture the scenes each song pertains to. I can’t hardly wait for Return of the King. Ahhh!!! Why does it have to be a year?

Of course, come May, the Matrix Reloaded will hit the big screen. My dh and I have been waiting for this one ever since we heard there was a sequel in the works. I really must cut back on the caffeine.

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  1. Nope Jordan you aren’t the only one obsessed with LOTR and TT. I am soooo obsessed with both of the movies that are available and can not wait for Return of the King to come out. And then I will be really sad that it is all over and done with. At least we will be able to watch them on DVD over and over again and drool over Aragorn and Legolas…LOL!!

    Can’t wait for Matrix Reloaded or Matrix Revolutions coming later this year as well.
    See you at the cave Jordan. 🙂

  2. LOTR is so fabulous – my kids and dh don’t want to miss any of the movies. We have the collectors edition DVD, and of course we’ve all read the books a million times!
    Even my 8 yr. old loves Lord of the Rings. Her favorite character is Legolas, although, after seeing the movie, she asked in a puzzled voice ‘why did they call the elf degolas? (degolas means disgusting in French)

  3. Jordan, I totally love LOTR. I was “forced” to go watch it with my dh. I thought “oh man, I don’t want to see this” and I really enjoyed it. The Matrix kept me on the edge of my seat. It will be fun to see more.

  4. Hey Jordan,
    I agree LOTR movies are incredible, I didn’t think they could do the books justice until I saw them . . . I ‘forced’ Klop to see TTT after she posted the other day, and we both enjoyed it. BTW, Great pic, we both commented on it. I told her I didn’t think you could take a bad pic, she told me I should have seen some of them from grade school 😉

  5. Rez,

    Klop, unfortunately would be right about those pictures. When your mother cuts your hair and you have a cowlick it’s not pretty. And can never be pretty. Take my word for it. LOL! But it was nice of you to think so. 😉

    I’m glad you both liked TT. I haven’t enjoyed a set of movies so much, since the release of the Matrix. Is it May yet?