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Friday, February 28th, 2003
Things that Suck…

I was thinking about the things in life that genuinely suck. Things like war, disease, death, taxes, hearings, and money woes. These things seem to suck consistently throughout time, whether you lived two thousand years ago or now. Some things never change…unfortunately.

Of course there are things in life that make the above bearable like time spent with friends, family, great music, fun movies, and doing things you love.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
Is it May yet???

Am I the only one who wishes it was May? That’s when the Matrix Reloaded gets released. It’s like that bamboo fingernail torture having to wait. I’ve wanted this movie to happen, ever since I saw The Matrix.

And now it’s like this slow countdown is taking place, teasing me, luring me on. Ugh! I want it now. Whoever said good things come to those who wait, obviously didn’t have the Matrix Reloaded in mind.

Monday, February 24th, 2003
One Step Closer to Publication…

The editing has begun on my Egyptian time-travel, Tears of Amun. Once that is complete it will move to a proofreader and then onto publication. It’s amazing all the steps that are taken leading up to publication. You write and write and write, thinking that is the most difficult part, then you get to the editing stage.

If anyone ever says editing is fun, smack them for me. It is hard work. Mainly because you have to use such a critical eye when doing so. For a writer that’s extremely difficult because we’re already super critical of our work. So being asked to take a closer look is akin to poking yourself in the eye with a fork.

But round one is done, with round two, three, and four coming up. I feel like I should be smacking my gloves together and putting in my teeth guard. Oh well, that is the way things go on this wonderfully eccentric, winding, scary road to publication. Until next time…

Saturday, February 22nd, 2003

I’ve been waiting to make decent progress on the vampire Regency story I’ve been working on and today I did. You have no idea how wonderful that feels after days of scratching by with maybe 100 to 500 words, which wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t used to writing 2-3 thousand.

I never realized how challenging writing a completely different genre would be. My hat’s off to the men and women of romance who write historicals on a regular basis. I truly have a newfound respect for these people after spending hours just trying to get ten pages written.

The one thing about reaching out and trying new things like this is you find out a lot about yourself. Had I not attempted this historical, I would not have known I had a voice for the genre. If anyone would have asked me if I did prior to this I would have laughed and said absolutely not.

But you know what? I’d have been wrong. So next time you’re wondering if you can do something…try. The worst thing that can happen is you won’t succeed. So what! Big deal! There’s always the next thing to attempt, the next mountain to climb. I say go for it.

Thursday, February 20th, 2003

There must be some misunderstanding. There must be some kind of mistake. Or so the Genesis song goes.

There’s not much worse than getting caught up in a misunderstanding. It is truly the kind of strange phenomenon that seems to get worse the more you try to fix it. I unfortunately found that out today. In the end it all worked out, but for a while the moments were cringe worthy.

Is there any way to avoid this thoroughly unpleasant situation? Nope! Not that I’ve been able to find. It doesn’t matter how good a communicator you are there is always that chance for misinterpretation. When that happens…WAM! Welcome to the world of misunderstandings.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003
A Feeling of Accomplishment…

What brings a feeling of accomplishment? An act of kindness? Is it perfecting some seemingly impossible feat? Is it as simple as tying your shoe? Does it have to be something everyone knows about or is it enough to know that you know you’ve accomplished something? Can it be done by an individual or only a group?

I think as far as accomplishments go, it’s only important that the individual knows that they’ve achieved something. It can be as amazing as winning the nobel prize or as simple as tying your shoe. Both things are equally important to the person trying to accomplish them.

I think that is easy to forget when everything comes to you fairly easily or the world doesn’t work the way you’d like it to. You become impatient with what you perceive as inferiority when in fact it may be nothing more than a different tack.

I think that’s important to remember, in these times of fearful living, unemployment, and overall discontent. I think if we realize it doesn’t take a group to get things done only an individual, then our sense of accomplishment will shift and rise to a new level.

Sunday, February 16th, 2003
Watching the weather channel…

I was watching the weather channel today and couldn’t believe how cold it is back east. Since I live in the west it’s easy to forget that it’s actually winter. And then I got to thinking, when did that happen? How long do you have to live in mild temperatures before you forget what it was like to be cold?

The more I thought about the more I realized, not long. If you’re a natural warm body (someone who prefers warmer temperatures to cold) then I think the acclimation time is much shorter. I’m pretty sure it only took my dh and I a year to acclimate.

I know there’s a lot to be said for seasons, particularly the fall. But when I watch the weather channel and they’re counting snowfall by the foot. I can’t help but think we made the right decision when we moved west.