February 19th, 2003
A Feeling of Accomplishment…

What brings a feeling of accomplishment? An act of kindness? Is it perfecting some seemingly impossible feat? Is it as simple as tying your shoe? Does it have to be something everyone knows about or is it enough to know that you know you’ve accomplished something? Can it be done by an individual or only a group?

I think as far as accomplishments go, it’s only important that the individual knows that they’ve achieved something. It can be as amazing as winning the nobel prize or as simple as tying your shoe. Both things are equally important to the person trying to accomplish them.

I think that is easy to forget when everything comes to you fairly easily or the world doesn’t work the way you’d like it to. You become impatient with what you perceive as inferiority when in fact it may be nothing more than a different tack.

I think that’s important to remember, in these times of fearful living, unemployment, and overall discontent. I think if we realize it doesn’t take a group to get things done only an individual, then our sense of accomplishment will shift and rise to a new level.

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