February 22nd, 2003

I’ve been waiting to make decent progress on the vampire Regency story I’ve been working on and today I did. You have no idea how wonderful that feels after days of scratching by with maybe 100 to 500 words, which wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t used to writing 2-3 thousand.

I never realized how challenging writing a completely different genre would be. My hat’s off to the men and women of romance who write historicals on a regular basis. I truly have a newfound respect for these people after spending hours just trying to get ten pages written.

The one thing about reaching out and trying new things like this is you find out a lot about yourself. Had I not attempted this historical, I would not have known I had a voice for the genre. If anyone would have asked me if I did prior to this I would have laughed and said absolutely not.

But you know what? I’d have been wrong. So next time you’re wondering if you can do something…try. The worst thing that can happen is you won’t succeed. So what! Big deal! There’s always the next thing to attempt, the next mountain to climb. I say go for it.

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