February 24th, 2003
One Step Closer to Publication…

The editing has begun on my Egyptian time-travel, Tears of Amun. Once that is complete it will move to a proofreader and then onto publication. It’s amazing all the steps that are taken leading up to publication. You write and write and write, thinking that is the most difficult part, then you get to the editing stage.

If anyone ever says editing is fun, smack them for me. It is hard work. Mainly because you have to use such a critical eye when doing so. For a writer that’s extremely difficult because we’re already super critical of our work. So being asked to take a closer look is akin to poking yourself in the eye with a fork.

But round one is done, with round two, three, and four coming up. I feel like I should be smacking my gloves together and putting in my teeth guard. Oh well, that is the way things go on this wonderfully eccentric, winding, scary road to publication. Until next time…

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  1. Jordon; you are a beautiful lady, I love the web page photo of you. I am eagerly awaiting your upcoming release. Please keep me posted; Sincerely; Debbie May

  2. I’ll definitely keep you posted, Debbie. Thanks for stopping by. Jordan