February 16th, 2003
Watching the weather channel…

I was watching the weather channel today and couldn’t believe how cold it is back east. Since I live in the west it’s easy to forget that it’s actually winter. And then I got to thinking, when did that happen? How long do you have to live in mild temperatures before you forget what it was like to be cold?

The more I thought about the more I realized, not long. If you’re a natural warm body (someone who prefers warmer temperatures to cold) then I think the acclimation time is much shorter. I’m pretty sure it only took my dh and I a year to acclimate.

I know there’s a lot to be said for seasons, particularly the fall. But when I watch the weather channel and they’re counting snowfall by the foot. I can’t help but think we made the right decision when we moved west.

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