April 8th, 2003
The Ins and Outs of Publishing…

You know when you start out writing all you’re hoping for is to get a story down on paper. Then you move onto the next level and start worrying about craft. This stage may take some time or remain indefinitely. Finally you finish a piece of work, or several, which is often the case and you are ready to move on to publishing. This is where things get weird. There is this whole other language existing in the world of publishing. One that truly needs a decoder ring to figure out. Suddenly you’re dealing with ARC’s, read throughs,master copies, promos, .tifs of covers, and line edits.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure none of this was covered in school when I was attending. I admit that has been some years, but I can honestly say I don’t recall any of those words being used.

This brings us to my current predicament, trying to play catch up. Never fun, but often necessary when venturing out toward new horizons.

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