April 20th, 2003
Things to Ponder…

I’ve had such a strange weekend. My dh and I took a roadtrip to Mexico. It was quite lovely. I enjoyed my first time across the border, soaking up the atmosphere for future books. Hopefully we’ll get to do it again sometime or maybe we’ll pick somewhere else. That’s the fun of a roadtrip.

The whole thing got me thinking about high school. Strange, eh? I recalled the angst and joy that came from a roadtrip, also how little planning went into one when you were a kid. I thought about how true personalities emerged when stuck in a car for hours with a group of people. In those few hours you discovered who your true friends were and who amongst your gang was completely insane. Your impressions were forever changed over a few thoughtless words and several cans of DP or whatever else we happened to be drinking at the time. 😉 It’s strange how you never really forget.

If you’ve ever done anything like this you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Until next time…

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about a road trip I took with a man I thought I loved. If you can’t last 5 hours in the car with him,if you can’t conversate at least half that distance, you sure can’t marry him!

  2. My husband and I travel A LOT in the car…this weekend we did 1112 miles in two days, and nobody died. :0) The only advise I ever gave my sister when she would meet somebody new was “go on a road trip” Vegas is always good…from Reno it’s about 8 hours and 400 miles. If it goes good you get a great weekend and if it is horrible it is really easy for one of you to get home on your own once you get there. :0)
    Thanks for the great books, I can’t wait for the next installments.

  3. Thanks Brandy! I’m glad you’re enjoying my books. I do agree with you about having an escape plan if things aren’t working out on a roadtrip. I think it’s great you and your husband enjoy taking long trips. It says a lot about your relationship. 😉