January 27th, 2004
Conference Time is Here…

Wow! With the New Year comes a landslide of conferences each with their own merit. It’s truly so hard to choose. Of course, there are the biggies RT Booklover’s Convention and RWA National. Those two tend to draw the biggest crowds…and cost the most.

If you ever have the funds to attend RT I highly recommend it. The costume parties are a blast. RWA National is for the serious romance writer. It’s all about business. Consider it a crash course in publishing.

Then there are the lesser known conferences which are also worth noting. Seattle has a big one in October. I hear wonderful things about it. Phoenix has the Desert Rose this April. A great chapter full of hard working people. There’s also the Heart of the Rockies conference.

I guess my point is there are conferences for every budget. If you get a chance to attend one, then go. Meeting your favorite authors make the whole thing worthwhile.

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