January 20th, 2004
To Aspiring Writers

You’re probably asking to yourself, why is ‘she’ giving advice? Well for no good reason I guess. LOL! Actually, I thought a few of my observations might help out someone who is just beginning the journey into authordom. (Yes, I know that’s not really a word.)

These are just a few things I learned when I started taking writing seriously. (1)Take all the advice you can get…as long as it’s coming from someone higher up on the ladder than you are presently. (2)If you decide to enter a contest, do so when they have three judges judging the first round. Your chances of scoring higher increase with a third judge in the mix. I have no idea why, but it’s been my experience.(3)Take as many classes as you can. I took a wonderful online romance writing course from Gotham Writer’s Workshop. It was taught by Leigh Michaels. She’s fantastic and truly knows her stuff. (They offer classes in several genres.)(4)Never give up. Never surrender. Okay, I may have quoted Galaxy Quest, but they’re still words to live by. Until next time…

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