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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
I really must stop watching the news

Today I turn on the news and what do I see, ‘Who Wants to Buy a Millionare Baby or Get Voted Off the Strange World, You’re Fired Island’. Of course, that’s not what the headline said, but it might as well have. Have we really sunk so low that we need to watch couples who are desperate for a baby compete?

Geez…Where is the new season of Monk when I need it?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
Freedoms We Take For Granted

Let me start by saying that I love my country, but I’m concerned with the direction it’s headed in. So I’m writing this while I still can.

Today I logged onto my computer and downloaded my emails only to find that some of the people on the various lists I belong to have had their sites shut down. Apparently, this has something to do with decency laws recently inacted. This terrifies me.

It may be just my imagination, but it seems as of late we’re going from a country with many freedoms to just a few individuals’ view of what is right and wrong. Even the creator of NYPD Blue has been hit. He’s had to alter shows and scripts to conform to the ‘new’ kind of censors.

This is a trend that truly needs to be stopped. We do not need to go back to the burning times. It’s just sad that history has a way of repeating itself. Sigh… How can we preach freedom to other countries, while continuing to impair our own?

Saturday, April 24th, 2004
Contest! Contest! Contest!

May is a great month for Ellora’s Cave readers. Several
authors have joined forces for a super contest. Want free books and other
prizes? Do you love the following authors?

Alicia Sparks (
Jordan Summers (
Kate Hill (
Delilah Devlin (
Katherine Kingston (
Elizabeth Donald (
Kit Tunstall (
MaryJanice Davidson (
Lynn LeFleur (
Mari Byrne (
Ashley Ladd ( so, this is the contest for you. Simply collect the answers to the following trivia questions by visiting the Web sites of each
of the participating authors, email them to '); //--> (Enable Javascript to see the email address)?subject="Contest Entry"'>(Enable Javascript to see the email address),
with the header “CONTEST ENTRY”, and await the drawing.


1.) What is the name of the group of seven
authors who write quality fiction for every taste? (This is a freebie answer,
courtesy of Lynn LeFleur, to get you started, since all the answers are

2.) What is the heroine’s name in the upcoming
EC release, “Dragon’s Law: Damon”?

3.) What is Vincent Dilorenzo drafted into
helping with during the Christmas season?

4.) Who is “the wall” Shari runs

5.) What planet are the Atlanteans trying to
get back to?

6.) What does Wendy Applegate do for a

7.) What insect is mentioned in the first
sentence of “Ruling Passion”?

8.) In what fictional country is the “Blood
Lines” series primarily set?

9.) Betsy rides in what kind of vehicle to get
to the cab driver?

10.) Who is the owner of “Nocturnal

On May 21, 2004, one winner will be selected via
random drawing to win all of these prizes. (Keep in mind, many of the authors
are also doing individual contests too.) I guess you want to know the prizes,
don’t you? Here they are:


Winner’s choice of a download of any one of Mari
Byrne’s titles

A Louisiana Prize Pack of cooking spices, courtesy of Alicia Sparks

Winner’s choice of two downloads of any of Kate
Hill’s titles

An ARC of Elizabeth Donald’s premier release,
“Nocturnal Urges”

The “Atlanteans” series in PDF, courtesy of Jordan Summers

The “Blood Lines” series, courtesy of Kit

A download of “American Beauty”, along with a $10 gift certificate to Devilish Dot’s, courtesy of Ashley Ladd

A signed paperback copy of “Equinox I”, courtesy of Katherine Kingston, and featuring her novella, “Walpurgis Night”

A download of “Happy Birthday, Baby,” courtesy of Lynn LeFleur

An autographed copy “The Royal Treatment,” courtesy of MaryJanice Davidson

A mystery gift from Delilah Devlin, to be revealed later

All entries must be received by May 18, 2004 to qualify.

Friday, April 23rd, 2004
Kill Bill 2

I think I’m going to have to go see Kill Bill 2 this weekend. The first installment was such a quirky movie. I love the fact that Tarantino is so blissfully over the top that you actually don’t get grossed out by the violence. It becomes kind of funny like in the movie from Dusk til’ Dawn.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
The Second Novella Has Left the Building

Yep, it’s official. I’m sending off the second novella for Kensington and keeping my fingers crossed they dig it. This story was such a fun write. That doesn’t happen often.

Next up, I’ll finish editing the third novella. Boy, does it need work. Ugh! Hopefully I’ll be able to whip it into shape. I’ll keep you posted.

Monday, April 19th, 2004
Desert Dreams Conference Wrap Up

I’m not sure even where to begin. The conference IMO was a great success. Like any event we had our share of technical difficulties, but all and all it went smoothly.

Donald Maass, for those of you aren’t familiar with him, is a NY agent who’s written 15 some odd books. The talk he gave on Saturday was inspirational. He changed the way I looked at my work and writing in general. On top of that he’s a genuinely nice guy.

The speakers and workshops were incredible. Sharon Sala is a hoot, in the truest sense of that word. I could listen to her tell stories about her life all day long.

Anna Genoese and Maureen Walters are two of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met.

Darlene Graham, Rachel Vater, Russell Davis, Paula Eykelhof, and Cheryl St. John absolutely sparkle from within.

Diana Gabaldon and Christina Skye I find absolutely fascinating. These two women are highly intelligent and make me wish I had hours instead of minutes to speak with them.

Rebecca York, Alicia Rasley, Jennifer Martin, Heather, and Lynn Kerstan cracked me up. I truly enjoyed meeting some of the industry’s finest. Wish you all could have been there. I suppose there’s always 2006.

Friday, April 16th, 2004
Today Starts the Desert Dreams Conference

This is so exciting. I’ve never been to this conference before. I’m really looking forward to hearing Donald Maass speak. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading his books. I am currently making sure my pencils are sharp and that I have lots of paper, so I can take pages and pages of notes. I’ll let you all know how the weekend goes.