April 29th, 2004
I really must stop watching the news

Today I turn on the news and what do I see, ‘Who Wants to Buy a Millionare Baby or Get Voted Off the Strange World, You’re Fired Island’. Of course, that’s not what the headline said, but it might as well have. Have we really sunk so low that we need to watch couples who are desperate for a baby compete?

Geez…Where is the new season of Monk when I need it?

2 comments to “I really must stop watching the news”

  1. I readily admit to being a reality TV junkie but this is one that I just had to shake my head at when I saw the article — unreal!

  2. I admit I don’t watch reality TV. This particular show just caught my attention and horrified me. Jordan, who is still shaking her head over this one…