May 23rd, 2004
Troy and Shrek 2!

It has been quite a movie weekend here at the Summers’s house. On Friday we went to see Shrek 2. I have three words for anyone considering going to see this fun movie, ‘Puss in Boots’. He practically steals the show.

Saturday was designated for Troy. It was a monster when it came to eye candy. You almost couldn’t decide where to look. LOL! I actually enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. Sadly, the anti-war message in the film could easily be applied today. As one of the characters said in the film, “Some things never change.”

Next week ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ opens. Fingers crossed it’s entertaining, since it leads us right into ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Spiderman’. Until next time, see you at the movies. 😉

2 comments to “Troy and Shrek 2!”

  1. I agree! I took the girls to see Shrek 2 on the day it opened and we all had a blast. Too funny!

  2. I know, Mad. I think we may have to go see it again. It’s just so cute. The soundtrack is great. I’m still amazed that the woman from Absolutely Fabulous is the same person singing and playing the part of the Fairy Godmother. I knew she was funny, but didn’t realize how talented she was until this movie. Jordan, who can’t help smiling when she thinks about Shrek 2…