August 27th, 2004
Message Boards & Blogs

I’ve been so busy visiting other people’s message boards, Sylvia Day and blogs, Alison Kent that I’ve neglected my own site. Actually visiting their sites have given me some ideas for my site. I really need to update a few things, perhaps add a message board to go along with my blog. I’m sure dh/my web guru will be thrilled when I run the ideas by him. LOL!

2 comments to “Message Boards & Blogs”

  1. I really like your site!! (My daughter does too. She thinks you’re pretty and points to your picture and says, “That’s Jordan!” LOL)You’ve got tons of information on here and I love how your blog is set up and that it’s on the main page. Very cool!

    But message boards are fun, although VERY distracting to the author who usually has to respond to everything! *g* And they do take up memory and bandwith on your server (which is probably why Lori keeps hers on CuppaCafe’s server.)Just stuff to keep in mind. 🙂 (Although I think Message Boards like the Brava Authors have take up less room, but don’t quote me on that! *g*

    I love to check out new sites! Can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Sylvia. That’s what my dh said too about message boards. Who knows what I’ll end up with. I’d really like more color and a few more pages. Also, I’m not doing anything at this point with my mailing list. I need to. I’m glad you and your daughter like my site. I think it’s cute she can identify me by my picture. That’s too sweet. 🙂 Jordan