November 26th, 2004

As you may or may not have gathered from my blog, I’ve been working on two new manuscripts this month. One is a paranormal story and the other is a humorous contemporary. I personally think they’re good stories, both enjoyable to read.

Yesterday I gave the paranormal to my dh to read. (He has excellent suggestions and is a wonderful storyteller.) He informed me that my paranormal isn’t really a romance. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I think the shock came from him revealing what I had been thinking, but was too afraid to admit.

This is why ‘boxes’ came to mind. We all tend to place ourselves in certain boxes. One of the boxes I put myself in is the ‘romance writer’ box. That’s what I like to read and that’s what I like to write. But this latest story has me wondering if I’ve been limiting myself. Is the reason I’m fighting this non-romance book because of my preconceived notions about myself? My abilities? Sadly, I think the answer is yes. My knee jerk reaction is to say it HAS to be a romance. If it’s not a romance, then where does that leave me as a romance writer?

Perhaps it’s time to not only think outside the box, but to step outside of it too. It’s a scary world out there. Gulp. But here it goes.

4 comments to “Boxes”

  1. Go for it!! The box isn;t goign anywhere soyou can always revisit it! Look at Nora Roberts~J.D. Robb. And Mary Janice Davidson with Her Undead, and her bravas… It’s great that you have the ability to be multi genre!!

  2. Here’s hoping my agent agrees. LOL!

  3. Make your own box. Or hexagon…or whatever. 😀

  4. Believe me, Sugar I UNDERSTAND…It’s not so bad out here, I swear =)