November 27th, 2004

That pretty much describes my writing progress this week. I’m trying to figure out what I can work on so that the week isn’t a total loss. I guess on a positive note, I’ve gone through my manuscripts and fixed the problems. (Okay, I hope I have anyway.) I’m going to read through them and see for sure, then continue writing.

My local romance writer’s chapter is bringing in Sherrilyn Kenyon to speak this week on writing multi-genres. Boy, that talk couldn’t come at a better time. I can’t wait to hear her. She’s one of my favorite writers.

2 comments to “Uneventful”

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I just finished reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s story Phantom Lover!!! I loved it. I love her. You’re so lucky to hear her speak!!

  2. Cathy, I feel lucky to get the chance to hear her speak too. Believe me. She’s one of my favs. I’ve been fortunate to meet her on a couple of occasions. She is a genuinely lovely person. I cannot wait to soak up her wisdom. 🙂