December 18th, 2004

It’s that time of year again. Grr…Where we start looking ahead and setting goals for the New Year. I’ve decided this year I’m going to do that while I’m away. I think the change of scenery will clear my head and possibly bring fresh ideas into the picture. I want a clear vision for 2005.

Have you set any goals yet? Have they changed because something happened? I know mine have. What are your plans for 2005?

13 comments to “Goals”

  1. My goals:

    1) No fast food! None! Never again!

    2) To read AQ4. You’re going to have to help me with that one Jordan!


  2. LOL! Fiona! You’re too funny.

  3. For 2005 I hope to finish two ms. One’s a dark sensual paranormal. (I told my ds about it and he thinks I should just write it as a horror/thriller. *g*) The other is a humorous contempt, also with a hint of the paranormal (psychic H). I’m also going to try and write straight through on the first drafts. Normally I send each chapter out for crits as I’m done with them. I wouldn’t mind getting an agent/pubb’d next year, but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that stressor yet…

    As for non-writing goals, I want to stay spiritually balance — that is, not let a lot of negative crap/people get to me, the way I’ve let them get to me in the past few years. I want to laugh lots (sharing, giving, getting). And I’d like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. (eating/excercising). Continue to enjoy the special moments with ds, who at 16 is not too far away from going out on his own one day soon. Wouldn’t mind buying a house, but we’ll see about that. :-/ That pretty much covers it.

  4. Wow Jaq! That’s an impressive list. I took a visit to your blog and really enjoyed it. (How’s that for going off topic? 😉 I think those are all noble goals. I try not to send out chapters until I have at least 50 pages written and most of the time not even then. It depends on if a story is giving me fits or not. (Too many cooks, you know?) It’s definitely important to keep the negative influences at bay. There are times I have to cut out the news just to stay balanced. Way too much negativity coming off those airwaves. I really have to get to thinking about my goals. I think they need to change from what I originally had. I do plan to finish my dark paranormal book and AQ4, but beyond that, I’m really not sure.

  5. I’m going to formulate some goals for the next year, probably over the Christmas period. I think one will be to have a fair crack at conquering HQ Presents, but not to the extent of flogging a dead horse. I think two or three attempts is enough time to expend on it. Another will be to write more for Ellora’s Cave, and develop ‘Portia’ as an EC author. While I’m still trying for HQ, I think Quickies might be a good way to maintain an EC profile. Another goal will be to find a workable balance of writing and web work. On the personal front, I’m going to enjoy my little ‘trips’ as much as I can, and cherish getting together with my ‘James’ friends and my writing friends, in London and elsewhere. Also hope to see more of my ‘local’ romance writing friends on a regular basis ie. Saskia Walker and Lindsay Townsend, for coffees and lunches.

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Jordan! I tend to lurk here, but when I decloak, boy do I unload. ::blushing:: I hear you on the newsfront. I tend to get my news either second hand word of mouth from friends, coworkers, or in little sound bites from the radio. Newspapers and television news is just waaay to depressing lately. 🙁

  7. Wendy, I plan to do the same over the holiday. Your goals sound good. Keep in mind, unless they’ve changed their policies, you can only write one Quickie a year for EC. At the max, two with permission. But you’re right it’s a good way to keep your name out there and visible. 🙂 Good luck formulating the rest of your goals.

  8. Jaq, You’re welcome. Feel free to unload/decloak anytime. 😀 I pretty much get my information the same way. Occasionally I’ll surf, but that gets a bit too depressing also. I’m still trying to rid myself of the image of last weeks shark attacks in Australia. A few more like those two and I’ll never step foot in saltwater again.

  9. Hi Jordan! That’s useful to know, about the Quickies… There’s always novellas though, and the wordcount of novels is quite flexible too. Don’t they start at about 40,000? Which is far less than a M&B… Food for thought! :)Good luck with formulating your goals too! Love, Wendy

  10. Wendy, Novels start at 45K exact word count. The category length is shorter at 30-44,999K. Novellas are 15-29,999K. So not too bad at all. You have a many, many choices. 😀 Thanks for the luck. I’ll need it.;-)

  11. I can’t get crits until I’m in edit mode–they’re too distracting!
    Hmmmm Goals: Um sell? Okay sell TBGG =) I have three novellas I’d like to write but I also have a 3 book WF series I’d like to work on and plan on starting next weekend. Oh I like the fast food one too (ugh!) and um yeah quit smoking again =(

  12. Cece, I hear you on the selling. I’m not going to set that as a goal because I have no control over whether it happens or not. I can only write the best story I possibly can and then the rest is up to my agent and the powers that be. *&$# I can on the otherhand deal with the junk food. LOL!

  13. It seems that one thing is missing from many lists here:

    + take care of your eyes. Allow them regular breaks and from time to time, a long holiday break.

    Too many writers mistreated their eyes by not having regular breaks away from computers, writing and, when working, reading.