December 17th, 2004

Let me start this blog by telling you I’m not one of those people who embrace change. LOL! I have to be dynamited out of my security zone in order to get me to move.

That said, yesterday I went to get my haircut by a new stylist. He is probably the best stylist I’ve been to in my life. He wasn’t afraid to take chances with a new style. He didn’t hesitate to cut my hair (like everyone else I visited in the past). I’m so happy. My hair has bounce now.

Strange how a pair of scissors in the right hands can change your whole day. 😀

9 comments to “Haircut…”

  1. YAY on the haircut!! It’s true that a good one can do wonders.

  2. Yay! Now, you’re ready for christmas!!! 🙂

  3. Is it very different? Will we see pictures? You were very brave 🙂

    I only go to one person for haircuts and she had her baby three weeks early – and two days before I was due for my haircut…

    Needless to say I’m waiting till she gets back in February – LOL

  4. Thanks Guys! It’s quite a change from the picture that’s on my site…but then again, that picture is OLD. LOL! My bangs have grown out since then and the guy chopped my hair to just past shoulder length. You all probably wouldn’t recognize me in photos today, since I look NOTHING like the photo on my site. I do plan on putting some pictures up from National when I return. Maybe I’ll throw my new haircut in there for grins. At some point, I’ll have professional shots done and replace the photo I have on the site.

  5. Steph, This was the bravest I’ve been with my hair. I don’t trust many people near my head with a scissors. The only reason I went to this guy was a woman who goes to him regularly said to me that she hadn’t had a bad hair day since she started going to him. I thought you can’t get any better recommendation than that.

  6. Ahhhhhhh Jordan there’s nothign like a great cut to make you feel like 100% woman =)
    I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for about five years now (and like sasha mine is naturally curly) and I’m a former hairdresser so I’m super picky. I’d give up my hubby before I’d give her up–oh WAIT I already did!!!!!!! LOL

  7. I’m terrified of hairdressers [I have had my hair professionally cut only twice in, maybe, fifteen years], so I regularly cut my own hair. 😛

  8. Ooh, I always love how a new haircut makes me feel! I regularly change my style and color–just recently I went from shoulder-length blonde (my natural dirty blonde color) to funky short bob with chunky white-blonde highlights and chunky dark red low-lights. I love to experiment! *g*

    Congrats on the haircut–it’s fun to make changes sometimes!

  9. Cece, You’re right. A new ‘do’ changes your whole attitude. Maili, I used to be like that with stylists, then I became proactive in the salons. Now I walk in and tell them exactly what I ‘don’t’ want. It seems to help. Larissa, I wish I was like that. I used to be a bit more experimental when it came to my hair. I think all the years of flying sucked that right out of me. LOL! (They don’t like ‘unusual’ styles or colors.)