January 26th, 2005
Local RWA Meetings

My local chapter met last night for the first time this year. It’s always a very upbeat meeting because everyone is catching up after the holidays. The tone of the meeting was one of business and goal setting. A wonderful woman named Cathy spoke about setting her goals every year. (She’s one of those people that actually achieves all the goals she’s sets.) She said a couple things that hadn’t occurred to me before. She said along with your regular goals include your aspirations and something new to try.

Now I’ve always heard that you should separate your aspirations from your goals because you can’t control aspirations. (ie I will make the NY Times Bestseller’s List this year.) But she said she didn’t quite agree because there are things you can do that can work you toward that goal. You can write certain types of books. You can develop a better relationship with your editor and agent. You can come up with a promotional plan. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I actually found myself agreeing with her.

The second thing she suggested is to set at least one goal to try something new. Now that can be anything from parasailing to writing a childrens book, if you currently write sci-fi. I found that particularly helpful because I’ve actually applied that thought without consciously making it one of my goals. As many of you know, my current WIP is ‘not’ a romance in the traditional sense of the word. I’ve found the process of writing this book (with the exception of world building 😉 to be incredibly freeing. The point she made was you never know if you can do something unless you try. Be adventurous.

So I’m off to be adventurous.

6 comments to “Local RWA Meetings”

  1. Jordan sounds like a great speaker! I have to say that other than worrying about certain basic things (like a cast LOL) I, too, have enjoyed not writing a romance (it’s mainstream though not sci-fi =) )

    Good luck and happy writing!

  2. Cece, LOL! She was a great speaker because she was passionate about her subject matter. I think the important thing is to try something new, something that you’re convinced you could never write or do. Good luck to you too!

  3. Cathy’s talk was wonderful! And you’re right, it is so freeing to try something new that you’ve never done before. I find I can write so much better, and enjoy it so much more, if I can skip around and write different sub-genres within my genre. And also to write YA’s, which is waaaaay different. 🙂 Have fun being adventurous!


  4. I hear you, Chey. I think as my career progresses (notice I didn’t say the ‘if’ I was thinking 😉 that I’ll have to write in multiple genres to keep it interesting for myself. Or at least two opposite ends of the spectrum.

  5. Hey Jordan!

    This blogging thing is cool! Chey sent your blog addy and hers to the Desert Rose loop so I decided to check it out. I like it…could get too tempting, but I’ll try to control myself…;-)

    Oh, and I found myself totally agreeing with Cathy too…there are things one can do to infuence aspirations. Like the comment about pursuing the right publisher to make the NYT list…

    Lily Rose Moon

  6. Lily, Thanks for stopping by. Blogging is certainly addictive. I’ve been doing it since Jan. 2003. I had my first one in Dec. 2002, but I decided ‘testing one, two, three’ wasn’t exactly worth keeping. LOL! 😉