January 25th, 2005
World Building and other things I equate to root canal…

I spent the afternoon yesterday working on enriching the world in my paranormal. I added some of the information that was asked for and plan to add the rest over the next couple of days. I can’t help but feel I’m doing a major info dump, even though I’ve only added a paragraph and a few sentences here and there. I’ve worked some of the information into the conversation, but it still doesn’t ‘feel’ authentic to me. I hope it reads better than I think it does. Grr…

2 comments to “World Building and other things I equate to root canal…”

  1. Suzanne sent me, but I would have come on my own. REALLY. I already knew that I love your blog.

    frequent lurker

  2. Sure, Kate. I’m sure you say that to all the bloggers out there. 😉 Stop lurking and come out and play. 🙂