February 23rd, 2005
Rather Slow Day

I’m done working for the day. I think I’m going to read more of Immediate Fiction before calling it a night. I managed to get through a few more pages of my rewrites. I should be caught up with my partial by Friday. From there on out, I’ll be going over material I haven’t read for over a year. I must say I’m looking forward to it. There are only so many times you can go over the first hundred pages without your eyes exploding in your head. :-O

If you know you have to read through material that you’re close to, how do you go about tricking your mind into believing it’s fresh and new? Or can you?Anything in particular work well?

7 comments to “Rather Slow Day”

  1. LMAO@exploding. Boy ain’t that the truth!!!
    I think (think being the operative word) I’ve got my opening tweaked on my current WF wip. Finally. Otherwise I”m wrapping up GH entries–yes yes I KNOW the scores are due–um rather soon. I’m mailing them tomorrow.
    Tricking? Heck if I know. If I had to look at my first manuscript again, I’d vomit–then my eyes would explode. *ggg*
    I’ll check back to see if you get any good suggestions.

  2. Cece, Congrats on your WP. I appreciate the commiseration. Jordan, who must re-inflate her eyes now that they’ve exploded…snort!

  3. Honestly, Jordan, you should try Donald Maass’s tossing up in the air method. I did it and it really helped me expand and develop my scenes better. I made sure I didn’t do any two pages consecutively and it makes you really look at it. Then when I was finished I put in all the changes and then read it start to finish. It helped me. 🙂

  4. Thanks Chey! I probably will do that after I ‘fix’ the trouble areas that I’m aware of. Right now, I have to much to rewrite and several things to cut in order to make the story a faster read. Once I’m done with that, I have no problem tossing things in the air and examining scenes that way. 😀

  5. How do I trick my mind into reading through material and feeling like it’s fresh? Well a big batch of brownies helps. Or BBQ chips …

  6. Well, you can always try reading through it backwards. That forces you to look at each page individually.

  7. sometimes all it takes is something really simple but hard to do… take a break and have a little fun. when people get to that point it is usually your mind and or body telling you something. take a break one day and have fun dont think, i am a nurse and have found the best medicine in life is laughter.