March 28th, 2005
Let the Games Begin…

I started my new manuscript and have already stalled. I never realized how much of the story I have to have worked out in my head before I begin. I always thought I got a general idea and ran with it. Uh uh. Nope. Not happening. Apparently, I need several scenes strewn together like an Indie movie in order to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Is it too late to ask for a new ball?

21 comments to “Let the Games Begin…”

  1. If the story doesn’t work, then don’t force it. Obviously it’s not the story that needs to be told right now. Follow your heart, my friend.

  2. (((Hugs Julie)))

  3. ((Hugs)) Jordan! I’ve always considered myself a pantser writer, but in truth, I have to have the story plotted out in my head…not all the scenes, but enough of them. I still don’t write those scenes down…I guess because I feel like I’ll have already written a condensed version of the story if I do (don’t get me started on writing a synopsis, LOL!). I guess what I’m getting at is if you can’t really see beyond what you’ve written, then maybe take a break from it. Sometimes I just sit and brainstorm in my mind, not with my fingers posed over my keyboard but somewhere else…just contemplating. That’s when other parts of the story come to me. I don’t know if that will work for you, but try walking away from your computer. Go for a walk, but take a small notepad with you…just in case your muse kicks in. You might be surprised what comes to you.

  4. OMG…I hear ya…will you pass me a ball? And some more of that Nyquil, please!

  5. I always think of myself as a pantser (even though I write synopses that I never follow) but in truth, I do need to have quite a bit of it worked out in my *head* to go on. Which usually makes my head feel like it’s exploding….

  6. Patrice, I always considered myself a pantser writer too. I did a huge brainstorming session on this book and two others over the weekend. I think the problem may be the fact that the story changed mid-brainstorming session. I thought it seemed like a minor thing until I started writing yesterday. That’s when I realized I didn’t have much of it in my mind.

    Of course ALL my characters are playing hide and seek on me at the moment, which sucks big time. I’m supposed to do a book in a month over at Sylvia Day’s site and I worry that I’ll have nothing to write. I guess I’m just having a ‘writing is hard’ few months. Boy, I can’t wait until this streak ends.

  7. Coffee Jill, I sure hope you’re feeling better. Don’t want you going out anywhere and making yourself worse. 😀 As for passing the ball, as soon as I get my hands on a new one, I’ll toss it on over. 😉

  8. Suzanne, I hear you on needing the story in your head before you can begin writing. That’s what freaked me out last night. I wrote a scene and realized two things afterwards, the first was that the scene didn’t come out the way I wanted it and the second was that I had no idea where I was going to go once that scene ended. (How’s that for a run on sentence?;) I truly do miss the ‘movies’ in my head. 🙁 Maybe I’ll try to write a synopsis and see if that jars anything loose. At this point it can’t hurt. (This should give you a clear indication how desperate I am. I hate writing synopses. LOL!)

  9. I usually need to see the story as it progress too. I can’t jump around to different scenes. I like things linear.

  10. Me too, Teresa. Even though I try to convince myself that I don’t need to do things in a linear fashion.

  11. You know JOrdan when I first came up with the idea for TBGG it was six months before I could write it–and I honestly believe that no matter how much plotting or anything I did, my subconscious had work to do on characters and stuff. Weird maybe but the explantion worked for me since that was the first “new” idea I’d tackled.

    Regardless, good luck sweets getting it all worked out!

  12. AHHHHH!!! Don’t tell me that, Cece! I can’t afford to lose six months. 🙁

  13. I’m in the SAME spot …

  14. Thanks, Jill! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. At least you have cookies. LOL!

  15. Nothing wrong with letting things stew awhile, Jordan. Best of everything with the new ms. 🙂

  16. Ugh, I feel your pain, Jordan. I have to let an idea ferment for ages, it seems. Kind of like what Cece described, although I never wait 6 months to start. There have been times when I’ve wasted 6 months with false starts though! Good luck with it. Hope your subconscious gets busy and works faster than you expect!

  17. Thanks Amy and Jaq! I actually went back and tried writing a blurb for the book. I haven’t got the whole story together, but the partial blurb helped a LOT! It has the tone I was going for and came close to telling the whole story. One more bit to work on and I think I’ll have enough to start over again. (That, and I’m going to go back and rewrite the scene in third person, instead of the first person POV it originally came out in.)

  18. RED? *sob*

  19. I’m in the same boat! I was supposed to write a contemporary suspense next, but then my publisher said they wanted the sequel to the witch story next instead, and I hadn’t had time to work it out in my mind. I’m having to take it a chapter at a time, praying that the next chapter will come to me by the time I finish the previous one. ACK!

  20. Sylvia, I’m sorry. You know I want that book finished too. I love it. I just don’t think there’s any way I can convince my agent to love it as much as I do.

  21. Chey, It’s hard to shift gears if you have something else started in your mind. Fingers crossed those chapters keep coming for you. 🙂 I really need the hero in my book to cooperate or I’m going to have to shake the stuffing out of him.