March 25th, 2005
One of Those Weeks

I’ll tell you when it rains, it pours. Yesterday, dh took the car into get serviced. This had nothing to do with last week’s service on the car. After a few hours he returns to the dealership to see if the work on the car was finished. The guy brings the car out and it’s been scraped. Apparently, ‘Sparky’ hadn’t learned how to take corners and missed. So now we’re driving a rental while the dealership puts our car into the body shop on Monday. The sad thing is this is the second time something like this has happened in the past three weeks here. A guy dropped his Porsche off at the dealership a couple of weeks ago and when he went to pick it up it had $25,000 worth of damage done to it. One of the dealership employees had driven it over to a car wash and accidentally left it in gear. It ran into a wall going close to 40mph. Porsche, at the time of the story, had refused to pay for the damages. At least our dealership was proactive in their remedy to fix the problem. Yikes!

5 comments to “One of Those Weeks”

  1. One time we brought our car in for a scheduled tune-up. They forgot to put oil back in the car and the engine blew up on the way home …

  2. Oh man, Jill, that sucks! I guess we should count ourselves lucky.

  3. I hope the rest of the weekend goes better for you!

  4. Awwww, man! What a PITA. I bought my oldest son a used car at the end of May last year, and TG I bought the year’s extended warranty. The transmission went out, just 2 months short of the warranty. The real pain has been that the Guaranty company doesn’t show us as covered, and all the people who can fix the problem were not at work Friday for the holiday weekend…incompetence is a definite PITA.

  5. Chey, I hear you on the incompetence. It seems to be a rampant problem everywhere. I hope it’s not catching. 😉