March 23rd, 2005
Scraping everything and starting over…

Yes, you read that right. Last night I cleared EVERYTHING off my project list with the exception of AQ4. Call it panic. Call it self- survival. Call it whatever you like. It had to be done because I was getting little to nothing accomplished working on my current manuscripts. I still believe in the stories, but now is obviously not the right time for me to be writing them.

Dh and I had a serious heart to heart last night. (Picture tough love and tears.) He said my face was pressed against the glass so tight I could no longer tell I was at a window. So…he suggested I scrap everything. Not throw it away, just put it aside to return to some other time when I have enough distance between me and the projects to see them clearly.

I must admit the act of clearing my calendar and filing away the projects did seem to lift a weight off my chest.

Tonight we’re going to brainstorm three different stories I have ideas for to see which one I’ll work on next. Hopefully that will be enough to destroy the blob-like inertia that has enveloped my body over the last few months.

25 comments to “Scraping everything and starting over…”

  1. Good luck, Jordan!

    You have a wonderful DH.

  2. Thanks Dream! I think it’s all for the best.

  3. What a wonderful, real life hero you have in your hubby, Jordan. 🙂 I love his analogy of ‘face pressed up against the window.’

    I’m been in a ‘non-starter’ mode for months now, too–a lot of people have, if you read around the blogs–and have various theories as to why, I’m stuck. ::shrug:: I’ve taken the rest of the week off, so we’ll see what I can accomplish between now and Tuesday.

    Good, luck with the writing, Jordan. 🙂

  4. Now that’s gutsy and wise. I have at least 20 shorts and five novels that I can’t seem to move to completion. I have found not allowing myself to be bog down by any one of them for to long and moving to something that can be finished is better for my artistic juices.

    Please recommend your best so I can read it.

  5. Oooh, that took guts! I’m very impresed. And you’re lucky your dh will brainstorm with you. When I try, he always starts out with, “Well, first you need sex…” Not much help. *g*

  6. I second, Jaq. A real Hero you have there. Lucky Gal!

    Good luck with the fresh start!

  7. Pirate, I will indeed do just that once I decide what I’m going to work on. Luckily, I like all three story ideas. They’re all strong and VERY different from one another, so it should be interesting. I think it’s important to pick one or two things to work on and stick with them.

    Lynn, I’m not sure if it’s guts or self-preservation. I keep hearing Stephen King in my head saying, “Tell the truth.” It’s a painful lesson to learn, but definitely needed. I am fortunate that my dh is good at brainstorming. I think it comes from the fact he’s written several screenplays. The man is an amazing writer/storyteller. He thinks of things I NEVER would come up with. That said, he leaves the love scenes to me. 😉

    Sasha, I am a very lucky girl to be married to my own real-life hero. Goodness knows I kissed enough frogs to get to him. (evil grin)

  8. I really think it was the right move. Sometimes we can just get in a vise grip and not be able to think. Or we can get clogged (like my sinuses!) How about that for a visual? I DO think some time away may generate a spark. Hang in there. You know you have it.

  9. Hugs on the stress and I’m glad you have a hubby to help you see the forest for the trees. Good luck on the brainstorm!

  10. Bless your hubby and what a doll, doll 😉 .

    jaq’s right–it IS going around, so I totally empathise.

    Good luck with whatever new project you decide to tackle!

  11. Thanks Coffee Jill, Jill, and Cece!

  12. Brave move, Jordan! But it makes the best sense if you’re not happy with those three projects as they are at the moment. Lucky you, having a husband who can help you in this way…

    What’s AQ4? I know I should know, from following your journal…



  13. Wish my hubby was like that. He is like a fish out of water talking about my writing. Good move, Jordan. Too many projects can be way to overwhelming and lead us to losing our way temporarily. It’s like walking through the same woods with the same maze of trails that you know so well slowly becoming more and more unfamiliar and confusing to you. That can be so frustrating and frightening.

  14. Jordan,

    I know that was a tough decision. We never want to let go of stories we’ve started. We feel like we’re giving up. But nothing gets your juices flowing faster than when you’ve spent time away from a book. You view it in a whole new light when you finally do come back to it. 🙂 It’s wonderful that your hubby is so supportive and willing to discuss your storylines with you. Kudos to him! Good luck with coming up with some new ideas.

  15. Wendy, AQ4 is Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Four: The Return. It’s the last book in my Atlantean’s Quest Series and will complete the story. 🙂 No reason you should know that. 😉

  16. Trace, I am lucky my dh has a background in writing, even if it’s not the same kind I do. As for losing the trail, I believe the breadcrumbs I laid out have since dried up, turned to croutons, and blown away. LOL!

  17. Patrice, It’s excruciatingly difficult to walk away. I have such an obsessive compulsive personality when it comes to completing tasks that it drives me bonkers to leave them dangling. That’s one of the reasons I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to finish manuscripts rather than submit partials. I can’t stand having so much unfinished business hanging around my office. How’s the writing coming with you?

  18. Hey Jordan,

    I get you on the whole ‘unfinished business’ thing. I’m pretty compulsive, too, so I feel your pain in the decision you made. 🙂 As for writing, I’m FINALLY finishing up my 3rd vampire book..woohoo! Part of my problem was I was working on three stories at once. Yeah, I know I’m nuts! LOL! Thanks for asking.

  19. Good luck coming up with something new that you LOVE (and that rolls off your fingers!) I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets brainstorming help from the hubby. Sounds like you have a good guy. 🙂

  20. Patrice,
    Oohh, I can’t wait. I really liked that last one. 🙂

  21. Thanks Amy! I do indeed have a good guy. 😀 BTW, I like the look of your blog. It’s groovy, especially the font for the header.

  22. VERY brave move, and one that I’m sure was SO tough to make. Hugs!

  23. Thanks, Larissa. Making the decision was definitely not pretty. 🙁

  24. Hey, Jordan, thanks for the compliments on our blog! I have to confess, I really had nothing to do with the design. Sharon Long came up with the concept, and Web Divas made it real. But I think they did great! 🙂

    How’d the brainstorming go?

  25. Amy, It actually went pretty well. We’re off to a good start on all three stories. A few more key questions need to be answered, but I’m happy with the progress so far. 😀