April 19th, 2005
Information Overload

It seems like the information overload from too much time spent on the net is going around. Sylvia mentioned how stepping away from the computer over the past week has upped her productivity. Yes, it would take Mr. Magoo not to see the writing on this wall.

I’m afraid my day is coming. I will have to walk away soon. I’m already looking forward to being offline while I’m at the Romantic Times Conference. I’ll be the one twitching in the corner as I go through internet withdrawals.:-)

They say these types of events recharge your creative battery. We’ll see. I think the visit with my family is probably going to do more for me than any conference.

On the writing front, I’ve procrastinated today, but do plan to get my minimum word count in. I’m going to take my notebook and a pen into the other room. I have to or I’ll check my emails and surf. Yes, it’s THAT bad. Even so, I’m still making steady progress on the story…now that I have a conflict. *g* Hope your writing is taking you to other worlds.

4 comments to “Information Overload”

  1. I’m not an author- not even aspiring- but still find the internet to be a huge time sucker. I’ve started making one day a computer free day. Sundays (except last Sunday since my husband was out of town LOL). But it’s worked really well. yes, I miss checking my email and reading blogs- but all those things will still be there on Monday when I log back on. I’ve gotten more reading done, things done around the house, spent more time with my family. Experiment was successful! You might try something similar- internet free day!

  2. Angie, I never thought about having an internet free day. That’s a good idea. 😀 And it may be a good place to start to wean myself off the addiction. 😉 Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I agree the net can be mind numbing and a time waster. For me the key is to get on, answer e-mails and check what I need to and then GET OFF. The browsing is where I waste time. However, if I can keep things under control it can be such a wonderful tool. I have learned so much and gotten so much info off the net. The progress I’ve made in my writing has mostly come from online interaction with other kind people who took time to help me. And the support is invaluable. Like anything, there is good and bad. (OK, I realize that was obvious….don’t smack me Jordan.) BTW, my 80 year old MIL told me that she and her friends used to meet every day after the kids went off to school and have high balls and play bridge until 3 pm. Makes the net look positively worthwhile, huh? Perspective…………

  4. CJ, And here I’m thinking the highballs sound good. LOL! 😉

    I’ve also received invaluable info from the web that has helped me with my writing. (Still do.) I think what ends up happening, when you’re a writer, is eventually you hit a point where you aren’t moving forward with the info. I believe that’s what has occurred with many of the writers who are surfing and not writing. It becomes mindless like flicking channels on the television. (I have my favorite shows, so I’m not knocking TV.) But you know what I mean. I think (like TV) you have to develop a Tivo mentality. ‘Tape’ it and read it later. 😀