April 14th, 2005
Special Talents

There is a discussion happening on the FF&P (Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal) list where members are introducing themselves and telling about their special interests/talents. I thought it was kind of interesting and decided to give it a try over here.

I’ll start. My name is Jordan Summers…at least most of the time. (wg) I grew up on a farm in the Midwest. Had a horse the second I got big enough to ride one by myself. I’ve milked cows, rounded up cattle, helped castrate pigs, killed more snakes and frogs than I care to remember. (Yes, I was a mean child. 😉 I’ve also sang in rock bands, wrote country music, studied hypnotherapy, read Tarot cards, took Krav Maga, and acted in a few commercials. Oh, and I was a flight attendant for over 14 years. I think that about sums up what I’ve done.

Now it’s your turn. Who are you? What special talents or interests to you have?

14 comments to “Special Talents”

  1. Oh oh!! I’ll play!

    OK, I started to write it all here, but it gotta sorta long, so I’m gonna take it as a tag game, and pos it over too my blog. *g*

  2. Sasha, I’m going to start calling you cheater, cheater pumpkin eater. LOL! 😉

  3. I’ve tried a bit of everything I’ve been interested in: art in all mediums,gymnastics,ballet,tap dance, singing,playing instruments, working in retail,been on tv, wrote articles, acted in plays, learned–then promptly forgot(gotta get to Paris)–french, web design and running websites, RPing, being a TA, going to a bit of college, OTHER: lived in or been in 30 US states, went to about 13 different schools.

    What haven’t I done that I want to above all: waste time(not money) as I travel through Europe and Asia and Australia and write a book about it, ballroom dancing, attend something major like a movie premiere or a fashion show in NY or Paris, and learn how to drive *G*.

  4. I’m Silma Pagan, and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’ve had dogs and fish (at one time I had 4 55-galons fish tanks and 14 betta fish). I’ve been a teacher/college professor for 17 years. I played both classical guitar (trained at the university) and electric guitar. I even played in an all-girl heavy metal band back in the 80’s. I read the tarot card and runes. For a while I wrote for an underground rock fanzine. Love tattoos.

  5. Can it be pumpkin pie? *ggg*

    I admit it…I couldn’t thinkof anything to post about…so I copied you! I even admitted I copied you!!

  6. Gee, I’ll skip this one…I doubt anyone needs a sedative. But very interesting topic!

  7. Evangeline, I’m right there with you on the traveling and the ballroom dancing. My dh and I’ve considered signing up on a few different occasions. We haven’t yet, but I’m sure we will. We loved taking Latin dance lessons. Salsa and Cumbia anyone? LOL! 😉

  8. Silma, Wow! That is a lot of fish. I’m sure watching them was tranquil. LOL on the metal band. Ah, got to love the 80’s. I’m sure my spandex is tucked somewhere. 😉

  9. CJ, You aren’t going to bore anyone. (rolling eyes and shaking head)

  10. Sasha, I saw it. 😉

  11. I’m 41. I’ve owned a mobile floorcovering business, been a psychotherapist (not to be confused with a psycho therapist), a drug/alcohol rehab counselor, a personal finance counselor (dealing with people’s emotional issues about money and spending/investing/saving), owned a full size carousel in a shopping mall, owned a bar/grill, and been a personal life coach (offering The Happy Healthy Wealthy Game) and now I homeschool my daughter and write fiction.

    I have a BA and an MSW. I’ve taken acting classes, been sober (as in AA) for 16+ years, am currently in a ROmance Writing Class with Gotham Writers Workshops.

    I have to admit though, I have no special talents…

  12. Another WOW! Missi, you’ve accomplished a lot! I’ve never thought about the carousels in the mall before, but I guess someone has to own them. Interesting… I’ve taken four classes from Gotham Writers, three of which were from Leigh Michaels. She presents a wonderful class. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  13. Hehehehe, I know who I’m calling when I have questions for my next cowboy book. **cough Jordan**. *ggg*

  14. LOL Patrice! It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve ‘played’ cowboy. (wg) I actually miss it, just not the HARD work.