April 20th, 2005
Two Days Until Lift Off

Well I only have one more full day until I’m outta here. No, I’m not packed and won’t bother until tomorrow. Had a wonderfully productive (for me) writing day yesterday. If I can manage something similar today, then I will hit my goal tomorrow. Yah!!! I’ll only have about 10K to go to finish the book. 😀 The word count may go over that estimation, but that’s no big deal. Just means more for the reader.

Rumors are surfacing that publishing companies are clamping down on vampire submissions and just saying ‘no’. Please say it isn’t so. I personally don’t think there are a lot of ‘good’ vamp romance books out there. Believe me, I’ve been searching.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good vampire romance book? Keep in mind my favorite authors in the genre are Christine Feehan, Angela Knight, and Sherrilyn Kenyon. (Even though Sherrilyn’s aren’t exactly vampires.) I’m mentioning them because I already own ALL of their books.

I better get to it or that writing goal will only be a glimmer in my eye.

11 comments to “Two Days Until Lift Off”

  1. Congrats on prolific writing! As for rumors, I think that if you have a good book, the editor won’t be able to resist (at least, I hope so). Best of luck with your book!

  2. Thank you, Olga!!! I hope you’re right. 😀

  3. Vampires. Yum. Congrats on the writing!!

  4. Thanks, Sylvia! I made my word goal! I’ve officially passed the mark. Tomorrow I’m going to hang out, clean the house, and read, read, read. Whoopie!!!

  5. Have a wonderful trip, Jordan!

  6. Jordan, I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s getting rave reviews and it’s on the bestseller list now. It’s If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl.

  7. Thanks CJ! ‘See’ you when I get back.

  8. Trace, Thanks very much for the recommendation.:-)

  9. Okay I know they’re not romance but what about Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books? OBVIOUSLY I don’t read vamps *blush* Not because I don’t like them but because I haven’t had a chance to try them out–though PBWriters IAB is on my to buy list *ggg*. By the time I get around to reading any, they’ll be out of fashion *double blush*

    Oh and I just heard about a girl who got a request for her vamp chick lit from TOR *g* there’s always room for a great book, right??? RIGHT!!!!! SAY IT WITH ME PEOPLE!!!!!!

    Jordan I might not get the whole husband thing *ggg* but I think it’s sweet and I think you’re both very lucky. Have a great time at RT!!!!!

  10. Thanks Cece! I’m sure I’ll have a good time. I’m almost done packing. It’ll be a miracle if I can get that suitcase zipped. :-O I have all of Charlaine’s books, but that last one. They’re great, but I really want more of a romance.

    There’s always room for a great book. (wg)

  11. I agree with everybody else, there’s *always* room for a good book! As far as other vamp romances, I’ve always been pretty fond of Maggie Shayne’s “Twilight” series (and I’m a fellow Kenyon fan).