April 18th, 2005
Writing Along

I have worked steadily on AQ4 over the past few weeks. The story is flowing pretty well. I’m happy that it’s a nice blend of humor and adventure. Last night I was watching television and re-reading one of my favorite vamp stories, ‘Blood & Kisses’ by Angela Knight from Secrets Volume Three. I was enjoying the book immensely, when a revelation hit me. My story has no point. LOL! I am laughing, since crying will not help me. (I’m also going to blame Angela Knight for inadvertently pointing this realization out to me. Is it wrong to love her AND hate her?:)

Perhaps I should explain my predicament. I think my story makes sense, logically. You can read it and won’t get lost. I also know ‘story’ can be defined as anything that happens. However, my characters have no motivation that I can see, their attraction is strictly physical, and their goals…well let’s just say they’re not well defined. *ggg*

I’ve been having so much fun putting these two people into various situations that I hadn’t noticed until now that the story disappeared. (Oh where, Oh where has my little book gone? Oh where, Oh where can she be?)

I have decided not to go back and ‘fix’ this MINOR problem right now. I’m going to continue to write forward because I want to get the story finished. Obviously, during edits, I’m going to have to add a STORY to this manuscript. Minor technicalities.

Have you ever written a book only to discover there wasn’t a story there?

15 comments to “Writing Along”

  1. The bigger problem is that I come to this realization at the end of every writing day. I’m starting to think writing greeting cards is the answer for me….

  2. LOL HelenKay! Your eyes are like sunshine. Your happiness covers me like rain. Now if I could just figure out why you’re such a big pain. LOL! Okay, perhaps greeting cards are not in my future. 😉

  3. Yeah…..I’m editing it now going WTF?! Not only is there no motivation (except to do the horizontal boogie) there’s no FREAKING CONFLICT!

    Burning it would be kinder =(

  4. LMAO!!

    All. The. Time!! 😛

  5. I hear you, Cece. I have no conflict either. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Really nothing. 🙁

  6. Oh crap! I’m supposed to have a story?!?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that before now?

    Seriously, I have one taking up space on my hard drive that I can’t even edit a story into.

  7. Yes, just made the decision today to also keep writing forward even though I need to go back and tweak and adjust my opening gambit so as to keep it “fresh and enthusiastically charming”. Uh, am I writing for the wrong line? Don’t answer that…..

  8. Emily, That’s what they tell me, but after going over my character’s motivation (BWAA HA HA)I’m not so sure they’re right. (wg) I just asked my characters who they are, what do they want, and what’s the worst thing that can happen to them. Do you know what they said…NOTHING!

    My heroine is jumping up and down saying she’d like to win a costume contest and see her friends. Big whoop! My hero is silent. He has no idea what he wants. Doh!!! If he doesn’t know, then how in the hell am I supposed to?

  9. CJ, LOL! I know nothing. See nothing. 😉

  10. What happens to me is that I begin telling one story and end up telling a totolly different story, which emerges during the writing and completely takes over. That is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

  11. Jordan I’m LMFAO@your heroines “goal”.

    Trace…I have a terrible habit of doing that too, but in this case, it forgot to take off. =(

  12. Trace, A lot of my stories tend to do that. It depends on how well I know the story. When the answer is not well, like now, the story veers out of control until it plunges off the cliff of uncertainty.

  13. Cece, Her goal’s deep, isn’t it? LOL! I actually did manage to go a level down on both characters. (Like that would be hard. *g*) I looked at their fears. Their fears enabled me to see a direct conflict that I hadn’t noticed before. I feel much better today. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull off the story. I actually think this will be my tamest e-book yet, but oh well. I really can’t worry about that at present. Of course, that might change now that I’ve figured out motivation and a tiny conflict. (evil grin)

  14. Minor technicalities.

    LOLOL, love this. It’s happened to me. Um, more times than I should admit.

  15. That’s nice to know, Jill. 😀