May 31st, 2005
Going to Extremes

I don’t know about you all, but whenever I’m feeling ‘trapped’ by something I tend to want to make ‘extreme’ moves. (Like donate all the clothes in my closet.) Right now, this particular sensation is attempting to manifest itself in my hair. LOL! (The closet may be next.) I think it’s because I can control my hair when everything else seems beyond my grasp.

I’d like to be able to say this is a fluke occurrence, but it’s not. I’ve gone through this particular transition period several times throughout my life. The last time I ended up with blue tipped spiked hair. Yes, it was as pretty as you’re imagining right now. (wg)

I think it’s easier to face the little things like hair when the bigger things are bothering you. Somehow it seems less daunting. (I say little, but my hair has a mind of its own and doesn’t like to cooperate.) Dh says the only reason I’m feeling this way is because I haven’t decided what direction I want to go in. (Have I mentioned how much I hate it when he makes sense? 😉 Do any of you do weird things when you’re feeling stifled?

21 comments to “Going to Extremes”

  1. I’m like you. I’ve had every color of hair you can imagine, and almost every style. I do drastic things to shake myself up a bit. That usually means my hair. Last time I had it cut short. Like Demi Moore in Ghost short. It doesn’t look anywhere near as good on me as it did on her. And that’s an understatement!

  2. I think your hubby is quite a hoot and could certainly give most psychiatrists a fast run for their money. (Waves to DH)! I usually go for new clothes and leave the hair fairly conservative. But I am a ton older and have a delicate cardiac condition to think about. (snort….)

  3. Movie marathons.

    Yep. Don’t ask me why–maybe something to do with escaping my own world for a while. Hours and hours of tapes of Columbo, L.A. Law, Cheers, Frasier, LOTR, Twilight Zone, etc. And lots of popcorn.

    Have also noticed that my muse starts screaming at me via my Dreams when I’m creatively stifled. Wild, vivid, full-length panoramic dreams. And yes, they have become stories. 😀


  4. Trace, LOL! I’ve always been afraid to go short, although I’ve considered cutting my hair like Sharon Stone’s style a few times. I know mine would NEVER look as good as hers, but it’s tempting…

  5. CJ, A ton older and a delicate cardiac condition…SNORT! Do not encourage him. (wg)

  6. Dream, I LOVE Columbo. He’s one of my all time favorite TV detectives. Charlie Chan is the only one higher in my book. 😉 I did a bit of a movie marathon this weekend (monster movies), but it didn’t take that ‘need’ for sweeping change away.

  7. I’ve done too many stupid things with my hair so I try to avoid the hairdresser when I’m feeling out of sorts!

  8. Suzanne, I’m not talking about the hairdresser. I am talking about taking scissors/color…ahem…matters into my own hands. :-O

  9. I adore Charlie Chan. Those were some fascinating plots! Wouldn’t it be great if those were on DVD somewhere? Are they? Remember how all the women had those incredible well ironed and detailed gowns on all the time? (I need a maid!)

  10. Luckily I’m conservative with my hair for the most part, so even when I feel the need for something drastic, it usually just consists of a couple inches shorter and a shade lighter. I’m such a chicken. I’m really not sure what I do when I’m out of sorts, other than complain nonstop to the hubby. *g*

  11. After my son was born I went and had my hair cut short. It didn’t look too bad, but it felt like I’d cut all my youth away so I vowed never to do it again. So the hair is off limits. *g* When I’m feeling stifled, it’s one of two things. A DVD marathon or indulgence in loud rock n’ roll, either live or through my headphones.

  12. Jordan. Guess what I did yesterday. I went to Walmart and stood at the hair color isle for half an hour, choosing which ‘Natural Instincts’ color I wanted. I wanted something that would wash out in 28 days. Something subtle. Close to my own because I’m gettin’ more and more greys every friggin’ day. So with the help of two ladies who’d been standing there chatting a few feet from me for the entire time I was there, I settled on Natural Instincts in Cinnamon Stick.

    It is so subtle that people don’t notice until I point it out. It just looks brighter. Way cool. A far cry from the drastic and wild changes during my sordid youth, but still cool hehehehe!

  13. CJ, They are out on DVD. Not all of them, but several. They started coming out a year ago. They’re also on VHS. I have them in both formats until they officially release all of them. 😀

  14. Amy, I’m a chicken too, which is why my hair hasn’t been shorter than shoulder length since 4th grade. LOL!

  15. Lynn, LOL! If I go short, it’ll be with spikes and LOTS of color. *g* (Think Billy Idol.) I also jam out to rock music if I’m feeling repressed. 😉

  16. Good for you, Trace! Hmm…now you have me thinking about red. (evil grin)

  17. Oh! There was a GORGEOUS shade in Natural Instincts called Cinnaberry. I’m doing that one next time. It’s a dark reddish brown. Really pretty. Like woodrose. I bet it would look gorgeous on you.

  18. Trace, You know now I’m going to have to look for it, right? *ggg*

  19. Do it!!

  20. I do all kinds of crazy things with my hair. It’s hair–it’ll grow back. *g* Seriously, I’ve gone from mid-back length to super-short boycuts just because. And the super-short boycut surprised me in that it looked great. It doesn’t anymore, because I don’t wear as much makeup, and with supershort hair you often need to or you WILL look like a boy, but I still play a lot. Especially with color. I LOVE funky color! Your blue sounds fun! 🙂

  21. Cool beans, Larissa! I’ve become more conservative with my colors lately. I think that trend needs to end now. (evil grin)