May 27th, 2005
Growing Pains

Whether you’re trying to form a new RWA chapter or changing writing genres, we all go through growing pains. I’m not sure why pain proceeds growth, but it does. Darn it. It’s been brought home to me again, as the newly forming chapter tries to find its feet.

In every organization there are a group of people that fight progress every step of the way. I always wonder why these individuals want to be part of a group. I’m not talking about differences of opinion here. I am talking about arguing EVERY point made. Sigh. The mind boggles and the head hurts.

I think it’s doubly hard for me right now, since I feel so much upheaval in my writing. I have ‘less’ patience for nonsense these days. As opposed to before, when I practically oozed patience out of my pores. Snort! All this strife and sudden growth does give me a better understanding and appreciation for PBW‘s plight. No wonder she gave up being part of groups.

4 comments to “Growing Pains”

  1. I think you’re just reeling because of the SHEER VOLUME OF MAIL! Good God, people, will you shut up? (Except for me of course. My minor points, no matter how tangential or just blathering opinion, need to be posted immediately.)

    Still it’s kind of cool to see the sausage being made.

  2. Kate, At least it seems to be slowing down now. Yah!!! It is kind of cool watching the donuts being made. 😉

  3. Sausage, donuts, great. Now I’m hungry!

    It seriously is settling down now. And as the group takes shape it’s going to keep getting better.

  4. Charlene, I think this group is a long time coming. It’s definitely needed. I love the fact things are slowing down. We should make much more progress in the next couple of weeks.