May 24th, 2005
How Do I Define Myself?

On the ERWA list there is a lot of talk about defining the chapter. (erotica writer vs erotic romance writer) Is one ‘definition’ better than the others? Hmm… This got me thinking. How do I define my writing?

To be honest, I DO NOT consider myself an erotica writer, mainly because my definition of erotica does not have to include a happily-ever-after or a loving relationship. (Of course, some erotica stories do include these elements.) Before anyone jumps on me here, realize I have NOTHING against erotica or the writers of erotica. I wish I could be included in that group. I just can’t seem to write erotica (as defined by me).

Also, I’ve realized some of my stories aren’t really romances, erotic or otherwise. My writing is evolving into something unexpected. I asked my dh how he’d define my writing and he said he was worried that he would upset me if he told me. LOL! I assured him I wouldn’t hold a grudge. (wg) He reluctantly agreed. (This man knows me far too well.) Dh said I’m an adventure writer. Wow! I didn’t see that one coming, but it makes sense as I review my books. I do write adventures. Some of them include strong romances, while others only have romantic elements. When did that happen? When did I go from a romance writer to an adventure writer? Has this happened to any of you?

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  1. Actually, I just blogged about finding your voice and your niche (great minds?) I am trying to define myself as a writer, and it’s definitely not as easy as it seems. Adventure writer? Sounds great! What are your adventures about?

  2. I still write romance, but my writing has over the past years taken off on its own to be darker, more complicated, and more adventurous. I like it, but it’s scary some days!

  3. Olga, I tend to write about women who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances. (Think women cast as Indiana Jones.)

  4. Suzanne, That’s interesting. I wonder if you’ll eventually go onto write suspense. Hmm…

  5. I am going through the same thing Jordan! I was so shocked when I awoke one morning and had an idea for a romantic suspense–a genre I swore to never read or write b/c of my bad experiences with “romantic suspense” of the 70s and 80s which were really gothic romances in (then)contemporary settings. My voice has gotten a bit darker and a bit more adventurous, not to mention that I keep watching and re-watching movies like Chicago and The Mummy and Original Sin–a bit troublesome considering that I can never abandon the historical genre.

    Is there a niche for we kind of women romance writers?

  6. Evangeline, I sure hope so! If not, we’ll make our niche. LOL, on the Mummy. I LOVE that movie. It’s inspired two of my books and counting. 😉

  7. I think I’ve written just about everything. I’m the poster child for ADD writing, LOL. But I like switching it up and writing whatever pleases me.

  8. Jill, You’re talking about within romance though, right?

  9. Not yet, but I imagine it will! Labels can be so pesky sometimes. 😉

  10. Hey Jordan, have you ever thought of writing a book and/or series a la Lara Croft, but with some romance in it?

  11. I say I’m an erotica writer because that’s how I started, and all of my stories, no matter what subgenre they are, include some erotic scenes. However, as I continue to write, I see myself veering off into other subgenres as well. Sci fi- paranormal, and even one story that has sort of a chic-lit feel to it.

    *Shakes head* I give up on defining myself, and just hope that I’m a good writer, not matter what I write. 😉

  12. Jordan, my writing has changed a lot in the last few years. I used to write horror, then crime/suspense, the last one was an action/thriller, and this one is a dark mystery with suspenseful elements.

    I think writers continue to change and grow, and to spread our wings 🙂

  13. LOL Amy! Yes, they can. *g*

  14. Evangeline, I have something going like that now, except my heroine isn’t a tomb raider. 😉

  15. Sasha, I understand the frustration of trying to define oneself, believe me. (wg) I do think I’m going to have to do a better job of it than I’ve done so far. My dh’s take on it may very well be the answer, since that’s one thing I’m consistent on. We’ll see. I’m still working it out in my head and trying to determine ultimate direction.

  16. Trace, I agree. I’m beginning to see parallels between clothing styles and writing. Let me explain, in the eighties (if you weren’t a baby) there were specific clothing styles. As you aged and the years ticked by, your ‘tastes’ began to change and you were into something else. I think writing is the same way. I think you start out in one particular area and then as you grow and experiment you end up somewhere else. Not a bad place, just different.

  17. Although I know that for the sake of marketing it’s important to define one’s style, I can’t bring myself to do it. I just write romance novels ‘coz there’s romance in them. Whether the hero or heroine are vampires, mermaids, horned humanoids, or whatever, it doesn’t bother to me. The same with whether there’s suspense or comedy or something else. My point is, my characters are telling a story. I’m just the medium they use to bring it from the astral plane to a plane where people can read it.

  18. Silma, That makes sense. I realized, after speaking with my dh, that I write adventure stories that tend to have varying degrees of romance in them.

  19. Defining yourself as an adventure writer leaves a lot of room to play with too. I think it sounds good!

  20. Sasha, Yes, it does. 😀

  21. Adventure writer? Ooh, nice. I love adventure romances/novels. 😀

  22. Maili, I figured you would. 😀