May 26th, 2005
Turn The Beat Around

If you haven’t noticed, I love naming blog entries after songs. Most of the time it’s just a line in the song that sums up my entry, but sometimes it’s the whole song. That is not the case this time. LOL!

I’m currently sitting here waiting for the cleaners to show up. They were supposed to come between 9-12. I think they’ve missed that deadline. Kind of wondering if they’re going to show up at all now.

Lately, I’ve been feeling overly restless. Normally, for me, that means I’m about to shake things in my life up big time. I know I mentioned my dh saying that I’m an adventure writer in my last post. That’s been eating at me. Not in a bad way, but in a contemplate the universe sort of way. I’m seriously considering reinventing myself. Hell, it works for Madonna. Why not me?

Have any of you started out on one path, only to reinvent yourself and continue down another?

14 comments to “Turn The Beat Around”

  1. Good post. And I’m actually trying to decide what I need to do with myself these days too. Good Luck reinventing yourself.

  2. Reinvention is the key word for staying fresh not only careerwise, but personal wise as well–if one stays the same personally, their professional life is going to reflect that. So you go Jordan, feel free to reinvent yourself and how you fit into the romance genre. I feel certain that the genre needs some new blood and lifeforce injected into its bloodstream.

  3. Thanks, Teresa! Good luck to you too. Must be in the air. 🙂

  4. Evangeline, That’s my goal. I’m feeling too confined. I know it’s just mentally, but it ‘feels’ physical. Time to break the chains…or at least rattle the cage. (wg)

  5. Go For it!

    Reinvent, rejuvinate!

    Good Luck!

  6. Oh, yeah, I reinvented myself. I started out as a historical romance writer, but after two books I switched to contemporaries. This was partly in response to market realities (colonial American historicals are not an easy sell to NY, and they don’t sell like hotcakes to ebook readers either) and partly because I had started to enjoy contemps and I just felt the need to do something different. Something funnier. And I’m happier writing contemporaries, so I’m glad I made the change.

  7. I’ve reinvented myself numerous times in my career by writing for different lines, different publishers, contemporary and historical. I finally figured out I needed to pick what I loved most, stick with it, so readers’ heads would stop spinning and they could find me, LOL.

  8. An adventure writer. That rocks. 🙂 But still give us a little romance with that adventure. *g* Oh, yes about the reinventing yourself. Nothing like going from writing young adult novels, all the way over to writing erotic romance novels. I consider myself more of a romance author than a YA novelist. I have books coming out in that genre, but that will be it for awhile. Romance has become my new focus. Just three years ago it wasn’t. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Sasha!!!

  10. Ellen, That’s good to hear. I haven’t fallen into the ‘love it’ genre yet. (Well, I do love paranormals, but I use that word so broadly that it would still not be considered one genre.) I’m glad the change you made worked out better for your career. I hope it does the same for me. I do think it’s important to be happy with what you’re writing.

  11. Suzanne, That’s exactly what I’m concerned with. I’ve been all over the map so far. I have written an Egyptian time-travel (loved it), a Regency vampire (loved it when I was finished, but bled more than the vamp’s victims writing it), five contemporary paranormal fantasies (combined Stargate with Tarzan and Atlantis), three contemporaries (had no idea what I was doing), and a partial sci-fi, horror urban fantasy (no clue where this one came from, but I loved the heroine). Can we say reader confusion? I think we can. LOL!

  12. Chey, I don’t think anything I write will be completely without romance. 😉 It’s just that lately all the stories I’m coming up with aren’t focused on the romance. They concentrate on the adventure and the romance happens along the way. My concern is since the romance comes so late in these books, I don’t think they’re actually romances. They’re more Clive Cussler with a bigger romance thrown in. LOL! I say this, but I’ve never actually read an entire Clive Cussler. It’s probably a more accurate statement to say they’re like Tomb Raider. *g*

  13. I’ve done some reinventing! Two good books to help the process: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles. Both of them help you define what you really want to do.

    But I believe writing has its own intelligence and if you just follow it it will show you where you want to go.

  14. Thanks Charlene! I do have both those wonderful books. I’ve found what I want to do, just not how I want to do it. 😉