June 22nd, 2005
Edits Are Finished

I finally finished editing AQ4. I’m scanning it right now to make sure I haven’t missed anything before sending it to my editor at EC. It is SUCH a relief. Thank you, Sylvia for all your help.

Today is my Mum’s birthday. Sending out well-wishes across the pond. Like my two dads, I also have two mothers and their birthdays are within days of each other.

There is a discussion happening on the Ask an Author ((Enable Javascript to see the email address)) list that has been VERY interesting. The writers are talking about their worries and insecurities. What you realize after reading several of the entries is that everyone has the same worries and insecurities. They may be worded differently, but they are the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re on book 1 or 50. Hearing their fears has really put things into perspective for me. I am not the only one worrying about my next book deal. I am not the only one who worries that they’ll never have another ‘good’ story idea. I’m not the only one who has lost their way in the dark.

Next time you’re feeling like you are all alone in this misery of insecurity, remember the woman with the stack of books next to you feels the exact same way.

4 comments to “Edits Are Finished”

  1. You’re welcome. 🙂 But you did the hard part. I got to read a great story!

  2. Thanks, Syl. 😀

  3. What wonderful news about your edits! I’m so happy for you, it always feels so good to finally finish off that last bit and send it on to editor. 🙂 Now here’s to hoping they love it as much as I know the rest of us will.

    Happy Birthday to your mum, I have one of those too. 😉 She was my house mum when I lived in London.

  4. Thanks, Shannon! I’ll send you well-wishes on.:-D