June 24th, 2005
Moving Slow

I’m sorry if over these last few days I’ve come off a bit absent. I have been typing my little fingers to the bone to try to get two things submitted to Ellora’s Cave. They both went out on Wednesday, but I had a quick update to one today. They should be good to go now. It’ll be a while before I hear if they’re accepted.

I’m choosing not to talk about the latest RWA initiative. It makes my head hurt.

I started work on my werewolf book yesterday. I made it two chapters before my insecurity reared its ugly head and said the partial wouldn’t be good enough. Grr… I suppose I should be grateful I managed two chapters without ‘him’, but I’m not. Yes, I consider my insecurity a ‘him’. (Less guilt involved when I kick the sh*t of him. 😉 I wrangled chapter three today, but need to read through all of them tomorrow to see how it sounds.

I swear someday I will have to figure out how to grow a backbone and a spine. Anyone have a Petri dish?

13 comments to “Moving Slow”

  1. “I swear someday I will have to figure out how to grow a backbone and a spine…”

    Ah, well, they ARE growing human ears on rats’ backs now (and if THAT isn’t one of the most disgusting things you’d ever wanna hang on the side of your head…)

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, hon. I’ve never heard of a writer who didn’t have SOME insecurity about their work.

  2. Raine, gross. But you do have a point. All writers have some measure of insecurity. As long as it’s not crippling (stops you from writing or submitting) it’s actually a good thing; keeps you striving to do better, AND keeps you human. There’s nothing uglier than an egotistical writer. 😛

    You’re doing extremely well in your career Jordan, and I’m sure there are many more successes to come. Plus your a nice chica. 😉

  3. Man, I keep hoping the blinding insecurity will go away or at least fade. Maybe that nasty little voice in our head is part of what makes us writers and we need it somehow.

    Seems to me you’re doing great and building your career. Forget all the other stuff and focus on what got you to this place in the first place – good writing.

  4. Kick HIM out, Jordan! Keep going!!!

  5. Oh man, Raine…I’ve seen that rat with the ear on his back. Shudder. As for insecurity, mine’s beginning to look like Cyclops.

  6. Thanks, Jaq! I wish it felt like I was doing well. *ggg* As for egotistical writers, I don’t think I’ve ever met one. Hmm… Must get out more.

  7. HelenKay, I don’t know if it ever goes away. :-/ I do think your thoughts on it being necessary are interesting. I never considered that. I’ll definitely try to focus on what got me this far. ‘Stupidity and ignorance here I come.’ LOL! 😉

  8. Thanks Suzanne!!! I’m waiting for that PAX book of yours to be released.

  9. Stupid insecurity. Give him a kick for me while you’re at it, eh, Jordan?

    Good luck and KEEP GOING!!!!

  10. Oh don’t just hate HIM!! He’s the biggest pain in the @ss. Good luck! I know those chapters are great.

  11. Thanks, Beth! ((hugs))

  12. Thanks Teresa! He is a pain. Grr…

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