June 19th, 2005
My Two Dads

You know I always thought I was lucky to have a dad in my life. Someone who taught me how to fish, shoot a bow and arrow, and hunt. (He stopped taking me hunting once he realized I was purposely stepping on dried leaves and twigs to warn the animals.) It was an accident I swear. (wg) I know a lot of people were not as fortunate in their childhoods.

Today, I feel doubly blessed because not only do I have ‘my’ dad, I have my dh’s father as well. These two men are as different as oil and vinegar, but I couldn’t imagine my world without either one. Each has taught me much about life, love, and laughter, and I’ll be forever grateful.

So, to my two dads, I wish you both a very happy Father’s Day.

Special birthday greetings to my mom. I love you!

5 comments to “My Two Dads”

  1. Awwwwww how cool but I”m laughing at the accidentally on purpose leaves.

  2. LOL about the hunting incidents. 🙂

  3. Cece & Amy, I was trying really hard to be a good hunter. I just had issues with some of the concepts. LOL! ;0)

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