June 20th, 2005
One Critique Down, One to Go

I received my critique of AQ4 from one of my critique partners. Let’s just say I’m going to be PLENTY busy over the next couple of days. Sigh. I should be getting the second one from a reader anytime now. I sure hope people enjoy this thing when all is said and done.

14 comments to “One Critique Down, One to Go”

  1. If it’s good enough for edits, it’s good enough to be published. 😉
    (thanks for visiting me, Jordan!).

  2. I’m sure the trouble of editing is worth the time once you see the wonderful results. *g*

  3. Waht they said. when alls said and done it’ll be worth it. And besides, the hard part (writing) is over *g* right? right?

  4. Editing’s the hard part for me, too. Sometimes I just get sick of looking at the damn thing, sometimes I have the thin-skinned “Oh, my God!” moments, sometimes I wonder why I bothered writing it if So Much Is Wrong With It…

    …but then, it’s a book you’ve written isn’t that a great thing? Congratulations, and I’m sure it’ll finish up spectacular.

  5. Thanks Dream/Raine and congrats on the release!

  6. Silma, I hope you’re right because I won’t be reading this thing again once I’m finished with the edits. LOL!

  7. Cece, Yeah, that’s the hard part. Cough! Cough! Cough!

  8. Thanks Lili! I often ask myself those same questions. *g*

  9. Getting back an edited manuscript is oftentimes the most agonizing and depressing moment for me. I love that someone can give me honest constructive criticism but a part of me is miffed that it still had errors. Being a perfectionist by nature I sometimes take every little error as a chink in my perfection armour. With each write, rewrite and edit I hope that the story improves but there are occasions where I entirely ignore the edit if I know that it’s something that takes away from my characters. Generally speaking though I’ve looked at the manuscript so long I miss the little oops errors and am grateful that a fresh set of eyes can spot them.

  10. Cough Cough Indeed!!!!!!!!!!! *g*

  11. Good luck with the rewrite, and I’m sure your fans will love it!

  12. Of course they’ll love it. All the edits only serve to make it a better story, right? Good luck!

  13. Shannon, I can absolutely relate to the perfectionist. It’s brutal. I rarely ignore a critique unless it’s something I know the character would do or say. I know I’d be at a loss if someone told me to rewrite a chunk of a book. (I hear other authors talking about receiving those kinds of edits. They terrify me.)

  14. Thanks Chey & Lynn! The edits will definitely make the story better. No doubt.