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Friday, June 17th, 2005
Check ups

Spent the day running errands and getting the yearly out of the way. It was as fun as those things normally are for women. :-/ I did have several of the nurses ask me if I could send them free books. Well that’s not exactly true. They designated one to ask for the many. LOL! I’m going to send them one of each and let them pass them around.

Added my edits to my werewolf story. I need to go through the chapters again to ensure they’re in good condition before I send them out. Other than that, still waiting…patiently…for my critique partner and a reader to return AQ4. Okay, truth is I’m terrified they’re going to hate it. :-/ If they do, then I hope they have some good suggestions for fixing the book because I’m plum out of idears.

Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Went to see Batman tonight. It was by far the darkest Batman movie that’s ever been made. I think Christian Bale did a wonderful job playing the caped crusader. (I’ve liked him in everything I have seen him in so far.) The pacing is a little slow, but if you’re a fan of the comics I think you’ll enjoy the movie.

We’re going to see Madacascar and Star Wars over the next couple of days. I should be able to enjoy them now that AQ4 is winging its way to a reader and a critique partner. Woo Hoo!!!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
Wish You Knew

I know I’ve asked this before, but I’d like to ask it again. What do you wish you knew in the beginning of your writing career that you know now? I’ll start.

I wish I knew how fickle the industry could be. I wish I knew how important it was to brand yourself. I wish I knew that you should only enter contests with three judges (not two). Finally, I wish I knew how important book titles were in relation to sales.

What do you wish you knew before you started down this career path?

Sunday, June 12th, 2005
Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s premise…the couple (two assassins) meet in South America (while both are on the job). They use each other as cover and end up falling in love. Trouble is both are lying. Six years later, they’re bored with their marriage and in therapy because they can’t be themselves. Their lies are shattered when they’re sent on the same mission and discover the truth. Let the War of the Roses begin.

Okay, so it may not have had the biggest plot or most realistic shootout scenes (think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), but I must say I truly enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The dialogue in this movie is tight and the chemistry between the stars sizzles. Oh, and have I mentioned it’s funny? I fould myself laughing aloud in several places. They really look like they had a wonderful time shooting this film.

So if you like big dumb action movies with gorgeous characters and witty repartee, this movie is for you.

Saturday, June 11th, 2005
I swear this is it…

I’m still not happy about this. To read more visit Alison’s site.

In the past few days the RWA Board of Directors has received a veritable avalanche of e-mail from members about the recent adoption of Graphical Standards. This e-mail has fallen into three categories: Rage at us for what was perceived as censorship; total support for what was perceived as an excellent policy; and the usual middle: thoughtful, troubled, questioning; understanding of what wed tried to do but not liking it, disapproving of what wed tried to do but agreeing that there was a need for something.

On Thursday night the Board met by telephone, had an excellent two hours of discussion and passed two motions.

1. We temporarily suspended these graphical standards across the board.

2. We created an ad hoc committee to study this question and come up with suggestions. This committee will solicit input from the membership and will report to the Board by September 1.

What this temporary suspension of graphical standards means, in a practical

RWR: We originally intended for these standards to provide specific criteria for the staff when dealing with potentially objectionable ads and
so that advertisers would know what types of graphics would not be accepted. In the interim while the standards are suspended, the office
will make the decision regarding acceptability of advertising in the RWR, as was previously done, and any decisions will be subject to the
definitions of sexually oriented advertising provided by the US Postal Service.

LITERACY SIGNING: Writers are free to sign whatever books youve agreed to sign at the Reno conference. We ask that you keep the promotional displays to a minimum, due to lack of space. As to any promotional materials and donated baskets, we ask that you please keep in mind that this is a public event and, as such, there will be people under eighteen there.

CHAPTERS: During the interim while the Graphical Standards are suspended, Chapters may continue to use RWAs Service Marks without regard to
graphical standards. However, Chapters may wish to visit the US Postal Service web site for more information about mailing sexually oriented

The letters you wrote are filled with interesting and creative suggestions and we will pass those on to the committee for consideration. Thank you for caring so passionately about RWA. With all our diversity, with all the potential we have for disagreement, that passion is what makes our organization so special and so committed to supporting its writers and the Romance genre as a whole.


Board of Directors,

Romance Writers of America

Permission to forward is granted.

Friday, June 10th, 2005
Not sure what’s happening

I finally finished the mini-story I wanted to add to AQ4. I think this may be the most risque short story I’ve ever written. Stepping back and peeking out from behind the drapes. Not positive where it came from. I’m sure the lastest controversy had nothing to do with my sudden daring. 😉 I’m going to start editing it on Sunday and hope to have it ready to send to critique partners by no later than Wednesday.

I have made a few changes to my books page. The excerpts page will come down next, since I’ve moved them all to one page. Click on the book cover to see. It’s very raw. I haven’t tweaked the colors yet. Check it out.

I’ve heard the whispers about special RWA meetings happening. The rumors are once again flying as the winds of reversal fill the air. (shaking head) Was this all REALLY necessary?

This weekend I plan to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, since it looks like a fun movie. I personally don’t care if Brad and Angelina are shagging like bunnies. It’s their business, not mine. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
The Wizard Has Spoken

I guess this is the final response to all the brouhaha going on within the RWA.

Permission to Forward this letter is granted, provided you forward the letter in its entirety.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

To all who are confused about the recent Graphical Standards, we apologize.
Some of that confusion is our fault–we were not specific enough in our details, and we are working on that right now. Some of that confusion, however, is not our fault; there has been a lot of misinformation, gossip and misdirected rage out there. We ask for your patience for just a little while longer, so we can set everything straight.

We know this letter won’t contain all the answers you’re waiting for, but we’ll have them to you in a few days. You asked why we adopted the Graphical Standards–that one we can answer. Several things influenced that
decision: the feeling among the membership that we wanted to remain a romance-focused organization but also wanted to be more inclusive of new voices and trends; the current popularity of “erotica” and its much steamier covers; and the fact that we have long needed to set some kind of standards, beginning with what is acceptable to have in our magazine, Romance Writers Report. Bookstores have graphical standards, magazines have graphical standards, businesses have them. It was time we created our own. Adopting standards assured that all members were treated equally; everyone would have to adhere to those standards.

No one–and I repeat, no one–on the board wanted to engage in any kind of censorship. To a woman, we believe that there are no “shoulds” where writing is concerned. We believe in free speech and will defend that right with all the passion we put into our books. However, the question arose: did we want to run ads in our magazine which featured those “steamier”covers? Covers that were not suggestive, or sensual, or even titillating, but quite graphic? Through long hours of discussion, sometimes heated, we came to the conclusion that, no, we had to draw the line somewhere, and thus the Graphical Standards were born. We felt confident that we spoke for a large majority of RWA members when we set these standards.

We came to realize that these standards could not be limited to RWR alone.
We have spent years and money and enormous effort turning around the public’s attitude toward our genre. Our books were called “bodice rippers,”we had no respect, we were the stepchild of the industry. In the past few years, we have come to represent the voice of our writers; publishers respect us and have heeded some of our requests for better deals for our writers; scholars treat what we write as serious enough for study; even other genre groups come to us for advice on how we do such an effective job. We have come so far.

In realizing this, we accepted that those same graphical standards that we had arrived at for our magazine needed to be extended to everything to do with the official face of RWA–the face we want to present to the public, to the publishers, to our readers–under the RWA service mark. That meant that we didn’t want posters of those same graphic covers to be used at literacy signings, and that any web site that was officially associated with RWA needed to respect those same standards.

We feel today quite strongly that this is the right direction to be going in. And, no, we are not asking erotica writers to get lost. There is, as we speak, an “erotic romance” chapter forming within the parameters of RWA.
As long as it is a romance, it belongs here, under our umbrella. And we’re also aware that writers have very little control over their covers, so if they want to promote a book that has a cover that doesn’t meet our standards, it’s a problem for them. Even some publishers are beginning to understand that they are making a problem for their authors when they limit the venues that can feature their covers.

Now, as the standards encompass so much of what goes on at RWA, we are fine-tuning the details, so there will be no more misunderstandings. We’re on it, trust us, night and day. What we can say now is: Please respect these standards for any publication, conference, or web page that uses the RWA service mark. If there are specific questions, please e-mail a Board member. And, yes, we are setting up an appeals process, so everyone will have a say.

At a chapter level, we ask you to respect these standards, but we are not about to begin to police anyone or any chapter–that is not our job.We set the standards, we ask that you honor them. We’re all in this together, all 9000 plus of us. We want and need our organization to continue to serve its career-focused romance writers and to continue the path we’re on, to be the best, most proactive writers group there is.


Nicole Burnham

Kathy Carmichael

Teresa Carpenter

Jennifer Crump

Geralyn Dawson

Peggy Emard

Karen Fox

Linda Howard

Linda Winstead Jones

Lisa B. Kamps

Dorien Kelly

Lynn Kerstan

Sherry Lewis

Jill Limber

Linda Lael Miller

Connie Newman

Diane Pershing

Patricia Potter

Tara Taylor Quinn

Gayle Wilson