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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
Blog Changes

I had lunch with a friend today. We talked about blogging, writing, and life. It was very nice and reminded me again that I need to get out more often. ;-P I recently read a Romance Writer’s Report article on blogging. In it, they mention various blog topics. The one thing that stood out to me was alienating readers due to your subject matter.

I’ve never considered this before (beyond politics and religion), but I believe it’s certainly worth addressing. It definitely concerns me. I’m not sure how many readers lurk on my blog. (This may be your time to step forward and make your voice heard.;) I do my best to make the entries inclusionary. I know I don’t always succeed because I recently had someone mention that they are occasionally intimidated when it comes to posting a comment on my blog.

This not only shocks me, it worries me. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel uncomfortable when visiting my blog/site. I know you can’t please everyone and I’m not out to, but I do want to foster a welcoming site.

With that in mind, I need your help. If you’ve lurked in the past for whatever reason, what topic/approach/changes in my blog would make you feel more welcome or want to participate? Is there a particular subject that would bring you out of hiding? Now’s your chance to let me know. I’m ALL ears.

On a separate note, Larissa Ione (a fellow blogger) has lost everything to hurricane Katrina. Alison Kent and her other critique partners are asking for help. They are currently putting together an auction to aid Larissa. You can go to Alison’s site to get more details. For what it’s worth, I’ve volunteered to do a critique. So, if you’d like to help or are interested in bidding on the critique, go to Alison’s site for details. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
Keeper Shelf

Is it my imagination or is the number of authors on my keeper shelf beginning to shrink? Note: I didn’t say the number of books. The authors I choose to keep happen to be VERY prolific. Bless their bloody fingers. (wg)

I don’t know if my reading tastes are changing or if the books aren’t bowling me over anymore. My dh doesn’t think this is a bad thing, but it kind of depresses me. I’ve only added ONE new author to my keeper shelf in the past few years. She joins the other six authors that occupy my top bookshelf. Keep in mind, out of those six, I only buy ALL the books from three. I keep only certain titles of the other three.

This brings me to my questions of the day. How many authors are on your keeper shelf? Do you keep certain authors, or certain titles? If you HAD to recommend one book (and only ONE book) to an ‘alien’ in order to help them understand your love of romance, what would it be and why?

Monday, August 29th, 2005

I’m staring at my computer this morning through burning red eyes. For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep last night until super late (ie a few hours ago) and haven’t been able to go back to sleep since my dh left for work. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Never have been. I mean I can appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, but my entire body screams in protest and demands I go back to bed immediately. I hope this isn’t an indication of how my day will go.

Yesterday, dh and I went to see The Brothers Grimm. Strange little tale that lacked an actual story. I suppose it was a glimpse of how their ‘stories’ got started. Visually, it wasn’t bad to look at, but that was about all you got out of the flick.

Next up will probably be the Transporter 2. No, I didn’t think the first Transporter movie was any good, but there is something about the man who plays the Transporter that’s riveting. (wg) Plus, he kicks butt in the movie. Yes, I can be that shallow on occasion. I LOVE bad movies, specifically two types of bad movies. The first kind are monster movies (ie Tremors, Deep Rising, Blob, Godzilla, etc.) The second kind are action/adventure flicks (The Scorpion King, Transporter, Kung fu anything, etc.) I won’t even get into my embarrassing love of Scooby Doo cartoons AND movies. *ggg* Oh, then there’s Abbott and Costello, musicals from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and 60’s era groovy spy films. In Like Flint anyone? Snicker. Actually, that’s probably more information than you REALLY want to know about me. 😉

Do you like a particular kind of movie that would be considered ‘bad’? Any guilty pleasures?

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
Loose Tooth

I swear some projects that I’ve left dangling are worse than loose teeth. They constantly irritate me no matter how hard I try to ignore them. Obviously, the simple answer would be to finish them and then forget them. Trouble is there are too many of them aching for my attention.

I find myself building lists to manage them all. I have my ‘current project’ list, my ‘submission list’, and finally my mammoth ‘someday maybe’ list. You’d think since I put most of the loose teeth on the ‘someday maybe’ list they’d stop wiggling, but they don’t. I might as well have them on my ‘current project’ list, since they’re occupying so much of my time.

How do you get your projects organized? How do you ignore the projects you aren’t working on? If you don’t, how do you deal with all the mental clutter? I would REALLY like to know. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Friday, August 26th, 2005
Writing on the Brain

A friend and I were discussing how we write last night. We both realized we have to plot out the stories more often now than we did in the past. We’re both pansters. I’m actually more of a half and half now. I used to be a full-blown panster, but since I’ve started adding depth (ie suspense) to some of my stories I have to write down at least a loose outline or I’ll lose the book.

Anyway, as we discussed writing and goals, (See a theme here?;) I realized that I can’t seem to work on any story where I don’t have the beginning and the end clearly charted out in my mind. I not only have to ‘see’ the scene, but I also have to ‘hear’ the characters’ last words. Strange, I know. For some reason, if I have that info I can follow the ‘trail’ through the story to the final destination. If not, well, I’ve located many cracks in the paint on my office wall. (wg)

I’m currently sitting here with various stories loosely charted, searching for endings, so that I can begin. Grr… Normally my characters are more cooperative than this.

Do you all need specific info before you can start a story? Or do you jump right in and worry about the story later?

Thursday, August 25th, 2005
Writing Classes

A friend sent me this link for upcoming classes that sounded pretty cool. If you’re interested, the info is below.

okay to forward:


Each workshop is available on yahoogroups whenever you have time to read messages, either online or in your mailbox. Lurking is fine, and so is active participation! Cost is $25 per class — more info at

* * *
September 5-30

Author Branding: What It Is, How It Works and Where To Find Yours by Theresa Meyers

* * *
October 3-28

Conflict and Motivation: Key Elements to Great Fiction by Patricia Kay

* * *
November 1-30

Seven Secrets of Romantic Suspense by Lisa Gardner

* * *
January 2-31

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors: Allow Writing Productivity & Creativity to Soar by Margie Lawson

* * *
February 1-28

Tips From Madison Avenue: The Selling Synopsis by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

* * *
March 1-31

Plotting with Mythic Structure: Creating Surefire Plots that Sell by Mary Buckham

* * *
April 3-14, 2006

Making Scenes Matter by Alicia Rasley

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
Respite Semi-Over

No, I still haven’t come up with any goals. I’m going to work on those the rest of this week. I took the last couple of days to think about the Blaze contest, my writing, and directions. (Have I mentioned that I get lost easily?) In the end, I decided to enter the contest…on my own terms. On Monday and Tuesday I wrote a 19 page chapter and a synopsis. (I use that last word ‘loosely’.;) I also sent in another book (paranormal) that already had a synopsis.

Do I think that either entry stands a chance? Probably not. They aren’t exactly ‘typical’ Blaze-type books. And for the first time, I’m OKAY with that. I realized for me to write (and enjoy) contemporary books I have to create heroines who aren’t exactly easy to get along with. (wg)

The whole process was an interesting exercise for me. Dare I say it? Freeing. Anyway, it’s out of my hands now and into the ether. If it works, then great. If not, oh well, I had a good time.