August 24th, 2005
Respite Semi-Over

No, I still haven’t come up with any goals. I’m going to work on those the rest of this week. I took the last couple of days to think about the Blaze contest, my writing, and directions. (Have I mentioned that I get lost easily?) In the end, I decided to enter the contest…on my own terms. On Monday and Tuesday I wrote a 19 page chapter and a synopsis. (I use that last word ‘loosely’.;) I also sent in another book (paranormal) that already had a synopsis.

Do I think that either entry stands a chance? Probably not. They aren’t exactly ‘typical’ Blaze-type books. And for the first time, I’m OKAY with that. I realized for me to write (and enjoy) contemporary books I have to create heroines who aren’t exactly easy to get along with. (wg)

The whole process was an interesting exercise for me. Dare I say it? Freeing. Anyway, it’s out of my hands now and into the ether. If it works, then great. If not, oh well, I had a good time.

21 comments to “Respite Semi-Over”

  1. You entered two books? Wow, that’s awesome!

  2. WTG Jordan!!! *woot smiley* LOL had to do it. Yeah for you on doing it on your terms.

  3. Danica, Yep, I entered two. 🙂

  4. Thanks Cece!!!

  5. WTG on entering!!!

  6. Thanks Teresa! We’ll see how it goes.

  7. Go, Jordan! And if it gave you that free feeling, it was definately the right move. Got my fingers crossed for you!

  8. Thanks Charlene! I think the freedom came from writing the characters the way I envisioned them.

  9. Yey, glad you made a decision. It reminds of my days as a ‘buyer’ where I constantly had to ask for better contract “terms” for my company. The one lesson I learned in that job…it NEVER hurts to ask and the worst that can happen is that they say “no”, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get anything..nothing changes. So in your case, like you said, the worst that can happen is you lose postage. Go for you in going for it.

    I missed your long term goals post so I’ll post my answer here. Sometimes you may have to make decisions that seem like you’re going backward, but I believe one should constantly keep the bigger picture in mind and always working toward that goal…whatever you decide that goal is. :o)

  10. Yaayyy, you!!
    Sounds like you’ve got a great attitude about it, hon. Best of luck!

  11. Good for you!!

  12. Any ‘freeing’ writing experience is a positive one. Be true to your heart, Jordan. And best of luck with the Blaze entries!

  13. Good luck in the contest!

  14. Sounds like you’re on a very positive path, Jordan. Here’s to writing from the heart and soul.

  15. Patrice, You’re right, it never hurts to ask. Stranger things have occurred. I hear you on going backwards. I’m still working on those long-term goals.

  16. Thanks Raine & Sasha! I’m doing my best on the attitude adjustment. I’m pruning from spending so much time in the pity pool. Time to get out and dry off. 😉

  17. Thanks Beth! I think so too. Congrats again on your three-book HQN deal! Snoopy dancing in your honor.

  18. Thank you, Sharon!

  19. Jo, Abso–friggin–lutely!!!

  20. Good luck on both entries!

  21. Thanks Amy!!!