August 25th, 2005
Writing Classes

A friend sent me this link for upcoming classes that sounded pretty cool. If you’re interested, the info is below.

okay to forward:


Each workshop is available on yahoogroups whenever you have time to read messages, either online or in your mailbox. Lurking is fine, and so is active participation! Cost is $25 per class — more info at

* * *
September 5-30

Author Branding: What It Is, How It Works and Where To Find Yours by Theresa Meyers

* * *
October 3-28

Conflict and Motivation: Key Elements to Great Fiction by Patricia Kay

* * *
November 1-30

Seven Secrets of Romantic Suspense by Lisa Gardner

* * *
January 2-31

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors: Allow Writing Productivity & Creativity to Soar by Margie Lawson

* * *
February 1-28

Tips From Madison Avenue: The Selling Synopsis by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

* * *
March 1-31

Plotting with Mythic Structure: Creating Surefire Plots that Sell by Mary Buckham

* * *
April 3-14, 2006

Making Scenes Matter by Alicia Rasley

18 comments to “Writing Classes”

  1. I highly recommend Margie Lawson’s class.

  2. Thanks for posting that, Jordan. All those classes sound tempting!

  3. LOL! Is that a hint Danica? 😉

  4. I thought so too, Wendy.

  5. I’m pretty sure you can get Lisa Gardner’s course right on her website for free. I know I did download it and print it last year. I’m sure it was on her site.

  6. I took Margie Lawson’s class before. It was good, but I never put any of it into practice, LOL! But I’m SUCH a workshop slut that all of these sound wonderful! Off to check out Lisa Gardner’s site …

  7. I took the author branding workshop with Theresa in Reno, which I told you about. 🙂

  8. Those look soo tempting!

  9. Trace, I’m pretty sure I read something like that on Lisa Gardner’s site too. I didn’t download it or I might of and forgotten about it. (scratching head) I do remember thinking it was good info. Her site, Holly Lisle’s, and Stephanie Bond’s are extremely helpful writing websites.

  10. Alison, I’m like that too. I keep thinking I need to listen and attend all these things because I may get a morsel of information that will change my writing world. *ggg*

  11. Sylvia, I remember you telling me about that. It was one of the reasons I ordered the 2005 Conference CD. 😀 I hope they send it out next month like they said they would. I’m anxious to hear some of these talks.

  12. Teresa, I know they do. 🙂

  13. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think these classes are worth your time *ducking*. IMHO the ones on the structure of writing stifle your natural abilities b/c you begin overthinking everything. The courses on How To… (fill in the blank) aren’t telling you anything you don’t already hear from your agent, editors, publishers, etc. You can get a pep talk for free 😛

  14. Jaid, LOL! Are you volunteering? 😉

  15. Not a hint that you need it, no. I just really love some of Margie’s ideas. Not that I put them all into practice, since I have problems with following directions… *sigh*

    You know, I think she should pay me a dollar every time I plug her. LOL

  16. Danica, I was just teasing you. Didn’t she speak at Nationals this year?

  17. Anytime 🙂

  18. 😀 I’ll remember you said that.