September 22nd, 2005
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Vampire Novella

I mentioned this in a comment yesterday, but I thought I’d expand upon it here. I was working on my Scottish Regency Vampire tale going over the pages I’d already written. (I was doing this to tighten prose and to see if I can’t pick up the story where I left off.)

I’m writing along and things seem to be going okay. I’d set a scene up to have description of the manor house my heroine now owns. In it, I describe a couple of stone statues. I’d meant for them to remind us that a vampire once owned this manor. Everything was going fine until my fingers typed that the heroine saw one of these statues move.


I keep writing and figure it’s simply shadows and light at play since the sun is setting in this particular scene. I feel instant relief. Or did, until a neighbor drops by to visit my heroine and she sees the stone statue’s eyes glowing red.

Okay, WTF?

This is a vampire story. I already know ‘who’ the vampire is. I certainly don’t need another creature (let’s just call it what it is…gargoyle) entering the picture, especially one I know nothing about. (Unless you count Scooby Doo and Jonny Quest cartoons as background knowledge.) Snort. I didn’t think so.

Today will be spent trying to figure out ‘who’ this new character is and how I can still manage to keep the story novella length. My goal is to have the first draft finished by the end of this month. (Add laughter here.) We’ll see if I can stay on target. I should probably also mention that I’ve been trying to make my work easier to categorize. A gargoyle isn’t helping that latter goal. What is the matter with me, can’t I write a straight story without throwing in a strange twist? The obvious answer is NO!!! (Shaking head)

My question to you all is how do you deal with an unexpected/uninvited character that refuses to leave?

22 comments to “Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Vampire Novella”

  1. I’d invite him in and offer him a drink. Chat with him a little. If he’s any good (inserts evil grin) keep him!

  2. CJ, Should I look for sparkles? *ggg*

  3. Sometimes those unwanted characters play delightful havoc in the plots and help them move forward. *evil grin* They can create subplots. Or like in my NaNo story, create two stories in one. That’s a pain in arse ‘coz I had to go over it and untangled the mess. But it was fun to see where it went.

  4. Invite him in for a while and see what he does and how he acts. *g* Good luck with your statue.

  5. Silma, My gargoyle seems to have an unusually high interest in the women in my story. (wg)

  6. Thanks Amy! I’m not sure I trust him to come in. *g*

  7. I keep him. I figure he showed up for a purpose. 😉

  8. I have lots of those… they come,they make themselves at home, and you’re forced to contend with them. Fortunately this latest one, who, when she showed up, I put a note in there saying “Figure out the point of Rebecca being here or kill her”, is going to end up saving my hind end, because I need another complication to jolt this plot out of the doldrums.

  9. Jordan, if you remember those old cartoons “Gargoyles”, you’ll know that gargoyles can make interesting characters for heroines to fall in love. *winks and grins*

  10. Jordan he sounds interesting…Last time this happened, my one night stand became a love interest LOL

  11. Jaq, It’s called to be a thorn in my side. LOL!

  12. Danica, That’s great that your character helped that much. I really don’t need Lazarus, but I guess he’s staying.

  13. Silma, I do remember that show…vaguely. It was a long time ago. (wg)

  14. Cece, He has his eye on both women, but I think he’s leaning toward my heroine’s new friend and neighbor. 😉

  15. Go with the flow, who knows maybe it’ll be blockbuster, best seller list material 🙂 Sounds interesting. Let me know the title I want to buy it 🙂

  16. I’m agreeing with almost everyone here.

    I invite him in. Offer coffee. Invite him to sit a while & chat.

    If we can come to an understanding about what role he might play in the current ms, everybody’s happy.

    If not, I assure him I’ll use him in another ms in the VERY near future, possibly as the hero. That usually does the trick.

    Especially with gargoyles, who are slightly vain & very proud of their sexual prowess. 😉

  17. One unexpected character who was supposed to be extremely minor (as landscape kind of minor) completely took over a short story I wrote, and made it much better 🙂

  18. Especially with gargoyles, who are slightly vain & very proud of their sexual prowess. 😉

    hehehe RAINE!!!!!!!!!! You slay me.

  19. Terra, I don’t think this book is about to be bestseller or blockbuster material *g*, but I appreciate the vote of confidence. 😀 The working title is Rose’s Rapture. 😉

  20. Raine, You’re spot on about him being vain and proud of his sexual prowess. He’s also frustrated since he hasn’t been able to exercise the latter for centuries. (wg)

  21. Trace, That’s cool. I’ve had that happen too. The last few books I’ve worked on have had characters pop up out of nowhere. I normally have a pretty good idea of who needs to be in a book, but two of them have really surprised me.

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