September 26th, 2005
No movie

I’m strangely tired today even though I managed to get quite a bit of sleep. I really hope I wake up since I’d like to add the material I came up with to my current WIP. Yesterday, while waiting in the car for my dh to get out of Guitar Center, I figured out the rules for my Gargoyle/Grotesque world. I was excited about this because it told me where Lazarus came from and established some things about his behavior. Things I plan to use. Yah!

I’m a tad bummed we didn’t make it to the movies yesterday. Dh and I needed to pick up a few things from a home store and it turned into an all day event. That’s not a bad thing, since we really got a lot accomplished. We’ve been searching for a small dining table to take the place of a large one that was way too big for the space. We found it yesterday, while we were picking up extra dishes, glasses, and towels.

It’s been a long time since I glanced at a clock and did a double take because I couldn’t believe how early it was. We’d been cleaning things out and hauling so many items that when I looked at the time and it read 6:55 pm, I couldn’t believe it. It felt like midnight. Snort. We’re still nowhere near done with the place, but at least yesterday brought us a step closer.

Going through the spare bedroom and the office yesterday, I realized I hang onto items for three different reasons. The first is due to sentimental attachment. The second is my concern that I might ‘need’ the item at some point (even though I haven’t for years). The third is guilt. I truly hate the latter, but there it is. This got me thinking about how different people deal with taking care of their homes. So I’m wondering, do you have clutter in your house? If so, why? Have you ever felt guilty about throwing something away? How did you get over the guilt?

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  1. Lately, I’m just too swamped to take the time to throw anything out. LOL! But in the past, I usally held on to stuff for so long that by time I threw it was time for it TO GO! So I felt no guilt! 🙂

  2. Patrice, I did that with some of the stuff yesterday, but there are still a lot of things that NEED to go.

  3. Do I have clutter? Yep. A whole room of it. Okay, the room is only about 5X8, but it has no door (really should invest in one of those)! Do I feel guilty about throwing things out? Nope, I only ever throw them out when I’m absolutely sure I’ll never need it or use it again.

  4. Clutter? But of course. Why? Laziness. I wish I could just put things away but instead I lay them aside. And any guilt I feel over throwing things away is very short-lived. I just have to make sure certain people won’t see certain items in the trash…like one of my sons can’t see any of his art work in there, even if it was just a scribble. (I actually hold on to most of their stuff…which is literally TONS. lol)

  5. Peggy, I’m that way about throwing things away too. Trouble is I really hate it. I love things to be clean lined. That’s hard to do with clutter. :-/

  6. Amy, I wish my guilt was short-lived. It would make life so much simpler.

  7. I’m glad you had that break through. But UGH on the clutter. It’s probably take me a month to go through all of our stuff. I’m such a pack rat!

  8. Teresa, I come from a family of pack rats, but I’m trying to break the cycle.

  9. Also a member of the Pack-Rat League–and terribly disorganzed, at that. I’ve given up trying to cure myself. I do clean & toss in spurts, but if caught in between, it ain’t pretty.

    There are only two times I feel guilty about tossing things. One is when it’s an old gift/token from somebody I care about. Then I have to convince myself I didn’t ASK for it, so it’s ok to throw it out…

    The other is when it happens to be a remnant or reminder of a goal/dream I didn’t achieve, & tossing it makes me feel awful about not getting there and letting it go. 🙁

  10. First of all, cool about the Gargoyle book. I gave Tina Gerow a quote for her gargoyle book that’s going into print, and it was my first–gargoyle book that is. And it was really cool.

    As far as clutter and guilt–I have none. Well, that’s not true. I do have boxes of things that I could just toss and never miss because I have no idea what’s in them. But for the most part I get rid of anything I don’t need. If it’s in the way, it’s not used, out it goes. I’m vicious. LOL. And if we move, the more gets chucked and the less we have to move. But we’re not moving at least until my youngest graduates from high school, and that’s not for another 8 years. And I’m in no hurry to rush*that* along!

  11. We’re in the process of moving now, and trying to get rid of things we don’t ever use. It’s hard to get rid of things that were given to us but serve no purpose other than dust-collecting (the GUILT!). It’s hard to get rid of things that represent the it’s-over-but-I’m-still-hanging-on category. Every size 6 clothing item I have, for instance. But we are making headway. We donated a lot of things when we moved here, many more things when we unpacked, and we’ll be taking another load of things to donate before the moving truck drives away.

  12. DOH! Forgot to add: YAY on the Gargoyle! Figuring out fantasy rules is a big, big step. That’s great progress. : )

  13. Raine, Interesting take on the two types of items you find hard to part with. I’m similar, except I can’t hardly get myself to throw away gifts, even if I have absolutely no use for them.

  14. Chey, That’s cool that you gave Tina a quote. This book isn’t technically a gargoyle book. It’s a vampire historical. LOL! I WISH I could be that ruthless with items. Trouble is my mom always freaks when I tell her I threw something away or I’m thinking about throwing something away. (We talk on the phone a lot!) 😀

  15. Charlene, Thanks! 🙂 I definitely feel an over abundance of guilt when it comes to throwing things away. I REALLY must get over it.

  16. I collect so much stuff…i can’t even throw it out.