September 27th, 2005
You Know You’re a Dork When…

This post probably falls in the too much information category, but…

After I worked out, I went to take a shower. Should’ve been simple enough. Turn water on. Make sure it’s warm. Get towels ready. Check, Check, Check! I step into the shower and happen to glance down at the soap rack. Crap! I needed a new bar of soap. I figure this shouldn’t be a problem since I’m not soaked yet. I go to step out of the shower and the friggin’ bathmat (that I’ve been doing battle with for some time) decides it’s going to head toward the drain…taking my feet with it. Grr.

I went down HARD. Luckily, my weak arm, my tricep, my ribcage, and my left thigh caught me, slowing my descent by removing skin. I must thank them later. (wg)

I’m laughing now, but I CAN feel it in my wrist when I type. By tomorrow, I should be one big bruise from my shoulder on down.

Sigh. Bathmat one, Jordan zero.

What is the ‘dorkiest’ thing you’ve done lately?

34 comments to “You Know You’re a Dork When…”

  1. ((Jordan)) girl get some ice on that wrist and take care of yourself.

    I have no idea what the dorkiest thing is I’ve done lately. God only knows. Not that I haven’t done anything, I just can’t remember. how’s that for dorky? =)

  2. Oh good grief, Jordan, that’s terrible! It sounds like you were really banged up. Thank goodness you didn’t break anything. Take a butcher knife to that damned bathmat and get rid of it before it strikes again! As for dorky things, my whole life consists of one lamebrained situation after another so I’m not the best person to answer in the space allotted here. LOL While you’re healing, pop over to my latest blog post, “Does Not Play Well With Others,” and see if you can relate. Don’t worry, there’s no grammar crap this time. 😉 TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

  3. Cece, Too many to count? *ggg*

  4. Daisy, If I had my druthers, I’d set its little plastic ass on fire and watch it melt. (evil grin) I’ll definitely check out your blog.

  5. Hugs on the fall, Jordan. Ouch! As for dorky things, I’ve done so many lately. I can’t pick just one. It’s sad. So sad.

  6. Thanks Beth. I’ll live. (shaking head)

  7. Okay, this is scary… today must be big fall day. I fell down the stairs today carrying the baby. I hurt my leg when I twisted to land so that the baby wouldn’t get hurt.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. God, Danica, hope you & the baby are ok!

    And Jordan, you didn’t really do anything ‘wrong’ or ‘dorky’. The mat slipped! But take care of yourself, hon (epsom salts baths really do wonders for soreness–if you’re willing to risk the tub again!).

    My list, too, would be too long for a single post, and read like a chapter of fiction, I’m afraid. But I guess I could mention something simple…like walking face-first, full-speed, into a big plate-glass door. A door that had a big butterfly sticker on it to warn pedestrians, & I’m walking cheerfully toward it thinking, “ooooh! Pretty butterfly!” :-/

  9. Agh, re. the bathmat incident! Hope the bruise isn’t too bad, or too sore, and that it heals soon. As for dorkiness… My whole life is dorkiness! I am really clumsy. Cack-handed as we call it here in Yorkshire! 🙂

  10. Yikes and big ouch! I hope it doesn’t hurt too much! As for me, would you like a list? I do dorky things all the time. I have a running klutz list and it seems to grow daily. Did you know your klutz factor increases with age? Isn’t that comforting? *g*

  11. Ow! Your only possible recourse is to go directly to the spa today and get a massage. Really. Maybe a nice steam, too.

  12. Get yourself some arnica and slather it on! And kill the bathmat. You know that scene in Office Space where they beat the printer to death? Let it be your inspiration. *g*

    Dorky things I’ve done lately: geez, too many. And klutzy. I’m forever covered with mystery bruises because I don’t even remember all the things I walk into on a regular basis. (We’re talking WALLS, not things too small for me to notice or outside my field of vision.) Probably because my head is going, Ooo, that’s some great dialog, remember that and not PAY ATTENTION TO THE WALL, YOU IDIOT!

  13. I hope you’re not feeling too sore today! Hmmm, dorkiest thing I’ve done–that’s hard to narrow down. I work in our basement and usually start my day in sweats and sock feet. One morning, my sock slipped off the step. I caught the railing and only slid like 3 steps down, but I tossed my fresh strong cup of coffee all over the carpeted stairs and the white, white walls. Sigh.

  14. I’m so glad you can laugh about it now, Jordan. 😀 God, I must put the dorky things out of mind–you know, bury them in my subconscious–because I can’t think of anything right now. I know there has to be something. Like putting frozen pancakes in the microwave for 6 minutes instead of 60 seconds. Argh.

  15. Aaaaw *hugz* Jordan. Last week I got into the shower with my glasses on. But then when I have my contacts in I push up my imaginary glasses all the time.

  16. Danica, (((Hugs))) Your fall was MUCH worse. I only had me to catch. Yikes!!! I’m glad you’re both semi-okay.

  17. Raine, I may try the epsom. It’ll probably be difficult to get my shoulder into the water, since my tub isn’t that deep, but what the heck. I have done something similar to your glass door incident. I fell through a screen door that I couldn’t see due to the lighting. May it RIP. *ggg*

  18. Wendy, I’m not doing too bad today. I actually figured I’d be much worse. They’d definitely call me cack-handed. 🙂

  19. Jaci, I’m not sure I’d survive my klutziness getting worse. Snort.

  20. Jo, You’re absolutely right. That is the ONLY thing that will help me right now. All I have to do is convince dh. 😉

  21. Charlene, Love that scene in that movie. As for the walls and other ‘supposedly’ non-moving items in the house, I’m convinced I like in Hogwarts.

  22. Joely, I’m just glad you caught the rail. Sorry to hear the carpet wasn’t as fortunate.

  23. Chey, I bet they tasted GREAT! 😉

  24. Trace, LOL! I do that ALL the time. (pushing up the invisible glasses that is) I think I may have gotten in the shower one time with my glasses on or at least started to, but I can’t remember for sure.

  25. Lass, take care of yourself.

    My mother fell down a staircase and hit a wall about two weeks ago and is kept in a coma since then. We don’t know how well she will recover. Don’t allow potential accident traps in your flat.

  26. Raine *shaking head* you could do a week’s worth of blog posts on shit that’s happened to you. Jordan…LOL Probably

    My biggest fear is slipping in the bathtub while the kids are gone and laying there like a beached whale for two days.

  27. Ack, that sounds painful! I’m glad you’re okay!

  28. Gabriele, Crap! I’m so sorry. I hope you mum pulls through okay.

  29. Cece, I could just imagine how frightened the paramedics would’ve been had that been the case. Shudder.

  30. Thanks Suzanne! I’ll live to fall…er fight another day. (wg)

  31. First, I think almost falling on the bath is quite dangerous. I’m glad to hear you’re alright. As for the dorkiest thing I’ve done, well, *looks around*, buying computer stuff makes me dorky. Or is it nerdy? Hmm…

  32. Silma, There was no almost about it. I did fall. Hard. It wasn’t pretty. I have since assassinated the bathmat. It bled blue. BWHAAA!If computer equipment makes you a nerd, then I’m both a dork and a nerd. *ggg*

  33. ((Jordan)) so glad your injuries weren’t more serious. Too tired right now to remember past dorkitude.

  34. Thanks Jaq! I’m feeling better every day. 😀