October 25th, 2005
Been There, Done That Blog

I didn’t attend this year’s RWA conference, but I did order the CD’s and the handouts. Earlier this year we were discussing career plans. No, I can’t remember when. The months and years are starting to blur. *ggg*

Anyway, Cherry Adair talked about career planning and even gave an example of her career plan. What I found interesting about the plan was that it encompassed goals AND a strategy. For example, one of her goals was to earn a minimum income of $80K per year from her writing by the end of 2002. (Her career plan example was from 1998-2002.)

It wasn’t so much her goals as the strategy for reaching them that caught my attention. I haven’t really thought in terms of strategy, more like mini-goals. Right now, I’m asking myself, why? There’s nothing strange or groundbreaking on Cherry’s list, but it does include lifestyle items like eating right and exercising. The one that truly stood out to me was her goal to send out a proposal ‘every’ two months. Wow! I REALLY need to rework that aspect of my plan. She takes time to read award winning books and new authors to keep abreast of the market. Even going as far as to plug reading time into her calendar so she can be sure it gets done. I never thought about doing that, but it’s a wonderful idea.

I know for most of us, me included, becoming that organized is as likely as becoming a trapeze artist. Not going to happen any time soon. That said, I do think it’s extremely helpful to have a strategy…any strategy to assist in reaching your goals. I plan to incorporate several things from Cherry’s list. I think they’re helpful. Plus, I’m one of those people who tend to ‘big chunk’ ideas, instead of breaking them down. (ie I want to be King of the World instantly, instead of taking my time to amass an army of zombies. 😉 Yes, I’ve been watching a LOT of paranormal shows and movies lately. Snicker. As you can see from my example, this can make things overwhelming at times. *g* That’s why ‘small chunk’ steps are so vital. (For me at least.)

What do you focus on, strategy, goals, or both?

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  1. Goals. 🙂 I’m not real greta at thinking/planning to far ahead. I talked to my agent about where I wanted to be, and she think’s it’s doable. So basically, she strategizes, and I write. I love it.

    I hope it works. 🙂

  2. Sasha, That’s great that your agent does that for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it continues to work. 🙂

  3. I do both – probably the corporate America influence. But interestingly – I only write down the goals, not the strategy. I didn’t realize that until I read your blog though. Duh! But I’m always thinking about how to strategize my results. I think they’d be a lot more effective if I wrote them down. Can you send me the sample you were talking about?

  4. In my own spiritual studies, I learned that a GOAL list without an ACTION PLAN was just a “daydream!”

    So,I do list a goal, put a picture in my pictorial goal book, then I write an action plan next to the goal. This means mini goals are important. SUBMIT A NOVEL at the top of the goal list would have to be broken down into:

    Write a chapter a week: Action plan: so many pgs. per day.

    Lose 20 pounds: walk an hour a day 6 days a wk. whether I feel like it or not.

    A BIG PART of goal planning I also learned; MAKE SURE you ARE willing to do the action! What is the “PRICE TO PAY” for meeting the goal? I have a few goals I am afraid of, not willing to commit to the action yet, so they are NOT on my goal list yet. I am stuggling with accepting the”price to pay.”

    Price to pay is usually, time, money and/or commitment/passion.

    so.. my 6 cents!


  5. I’m really, really good at big, long-term goals. *ggg*

    But strategies are like making ‘plans’–and making plans never seems to work out for me (hello, Jordan!).

    But I do agree that breaking goals down into smaller steps is an excellent idea. 🙂

  6. I’m all about this kind of thing. I have a goal and then I break down exactly how I intend to get there. And I have a dollar amount I want to earn in the next year, too. I believe in being very, very specific!

    I’m really working on developing my proposal skills. Sending one out every two months sounds pretty smart.

  7. Tina, I only write down the goals and think about the strategy. After realizing what I’ve missed, I thought it was a good idea to try that. Write me privately.

  8. Thanks Maddie! It sounds like you have a good grasp of your goal making. I hope to have by the time I work through Cherry’s list.

  9. Raine, I seem to remember you mentioning issues with goal making or ‘plans’ as you like to call them. *ggg*

  10. Charlene, That’s wonderful. I hope to get more organized with the help of this handout. I particularly like that proposal every two months thing. 😉

  11. I need to do goals and a strategy. The last two years my goals have been ‘finish a book in a year, submit’. I’ve been doing that. But I need to do more.

  12. I’m not so good at organization/goals/planning, and like you I tend to look at the big picture instead of the smaller snippets it would take me to get to the top of the mountain.

    I would love to be able to make and adhere to a schedule, but the very idea gives me the hives.

  13. Oh, I do have a good grasp on goal setting but I don’t alwasy DO IT.. I am fearful, as I said, of a few goals.. but at least, when stuff DOESN’T HAPPEN I do know why. I always take responsibility for creating my own if I want it to happen,I gotta do the goal setting..I can’t stand to think life is just HAPPENING TO ME..I have got to be in charge! (or THINK I am..) Is there a cure for “TYPE A? ” disorder??

    Oh, And when I DO NOT accompish what I think I am capable of,I am very hard on myself.

    New Goal: Accept occassional laziness in myself!!!

  14. I was in a seminar yesterday and it’s funny because it was actually for design layout. I did take away something extremely valuable that can apply here though. One of the things the instructor said was we can’t finish projects, only tasks. People, myself included try and take on more than we can handle at any one time. By breaking down goals into small tasks, tangible things that you can do each day toward your goal, you’re actually making visible progress. Sometimes we focus so hard on the bigger picture or the end-goal that we forget all the little things in between that have to come before we get there. It’s not about monumental progress in one day, it’s about small victories.

  15. Trace, Mine haven’t been much more detailed than that. I name specific projects that I want to finish, but that’s about it. I need to get MUCH more detail and write down a strategy.

  16. Sharon, I have such a split personality when it comes to schedules. Part of me would LOVE to have one that I can follow. The other half rebels at the thought of being ‘forced’ into a regimented schedule.

  17. Maddie, My dh says I’m hard on myself too. He may be right. (wg) I know when I accomplish something I only take about a nanosecond to celebrate before I tear into the work as being subpar. *g*

  18. Shannon, You’re absolutely right. My dh swears by a program called GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen. It’s all about organizing tasks so you can get things done. His main point is you can’t finish projects without knowing the steps needed to complete them.