October 23rd, 2005
Click, Boom…Doom

Okay, I’ll admit that I didn’t go into Doom the movie thinking that it was going to make a significant impact on my life. To give the film its due, it DID follow the video game to the letter, story or lack thereof and all. I guess I’d just hoped that with the Rock and Karl Urban that the film would be a ‘little’ better.

For those of you not familiar with this ‘movie’/ video game, it’s a first person shooter whose basic premise is that something has happened on Mars to cause mutations in humans. The idea/goal is to kill whatever moves. (Deep, I know.) And like I said, the movie followed that right down to the chainsaw-hacking death of a razor-mouthed blob. Not even the Rock and Karl could make up for this story-less wonder. You didn’t care about ANY of the characters because the powers that be didn’t bother to let the audience get to know them before they started bumping them off one by one.

I’m a woman of simple tastes. (Although my dh would probably say otherwise. 😉 I don’t need an elaborate tale to enjoy staring at the Rock and Karl for an hour or so, but puleeze at least give the story a point.

Have you watched anything lately that left you shaking your head afterwards?

16 comments to “Click, Boom…Doom”

  1. Crap…sorry..wrong blog…I thought you said KEITH URBAN!!!! (down girl..slaps self…)

  2. CJ, LOL! Nope, not the singer, just the actor.

  3. Well, CJ, if it makes you feel better, I thought she said Keith Urban at first, too! hehehe…

    Yes, I’ve watched movies that make me shake my head. My family was watching a movie this weekend that I didn’t stay to watch the end. I’m just not into movies that don’t really give me more.

  4. Well, I won’t mind staring at Karl Urban for an hour, even without a plot. He’s just sex on legs.
    But since I’m not a movie person to begin with, I’m going to wait for the DVD. 🙂

  5. Patrice, I just want to be entertained and I really don’t understand why that seems to be so hard for Hollywood to do these days.

  6. Gabriele, He’s certainly nice to look at. No doubt. I love going to the movies, but I must say that the ones I’ve enjoyed this past year could be counted on one hand and still have fingers left over. :-/

  7. I”m not sure who Karl Urban is but I’m ALL For staring at Keith Urban (for hours even).

    what was the question? oh yeah. Every day I go home and the kids are watching the simpsons I just shake my freakin’ head.

  8. LOL Cece! My dh LOVES the Simpsons. My three year old niece calls ‘the guys’. She’s off to watch ‘the guys’. Of course every once in a while she gets confused and calls her daddy Homer. *ggg*

  9. The one I don’t get is Family Guy. My hubby watches it religiously and I just shake my head. I think it MAY have a plot, but it never snags my interest long enough to find out. The last movie I was really disappointed with was “De-Lovely” with Ashley Judd and Kevin Kline. It was the true life story of Cole Porter. I’m all for watching true life movies, but if I wanted to get so depressed that I want to shoot myself, I’m sure there are other ways I can do it. It seemed like the whole movie was about – what can happen to make these two people more miserable – and then it happened. I feel like I wasted two hours of my life. And I LOVE Ashley Judd and Kevin Kline. Sigh…

  10. Tina, I’ll admit that I ‘like’ Family Guy. I love Stewy and Brian. That said, the show ‘can’ be stupid sometimes. As for movies, I’m glad I didn’t go see that one, even though I’d wanted to at the time of its release. I HATE movies that you leave feeling horrible afterwards. If I wanted to do that, I’d watch the news.

  11. You had me at Keith Urban, too… although I could handle the Rock, too. No, I take it back. I watched Van Helsing thinking that any stupid plot was worth a movie of Hugh, and well, it wasn’t.

  12. Of course every once in a while she gets confused and calls her daddy Homer.


    My kids watch Family Guy too–another I don’t get.

    I think the last movie I watched that really really just sucked was Hide and Seek. Maybe it didn’t suck but it pissed me off.

  13. Danica, Van Helsing was SOOOOOOOOO disappointing.

  14. Cece, There have been a few movies that have truly pissed me off.

  15. Just in case anyone needs a little “inspiration”,
    Keith (not Karl) has a new Concert DVD out called “Livin’ Right Now”. Fine, ladies…very fine. Bring your fans.

  16. Adding DVD to my christmas list =)