October 26th, 2005
One Thing Left

Yesterday I had another banner writing day for me. I wrote 6700 words and finished the Quickie I’d started on Saturday. I also got a wild hair and wrote the Romancing the Blog entry. I have to read it to see if it makes sense, before I decide if I’m going to turn it in. I don’t want to sound like an even bigger dope than I am. *ggg*

Why am I mentioning these things? Well, beyond being a tiny bit proud of myself, I realized that I’ve almost reached my goals for 2005. Not the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, but the goals that came about once I realized I wasn’t going to make the original goals. LOL!

I’ve felt like this entire year has been extremely unproductive for me. It’s been disheartening to say the least. I expect a certain level of production out of myself and when I don’t meet that level I’m disappointed. Four months ago I took a look at my short-term goals to see what needed to be accomplished for me to not think the year had been a total waste. I figured out that I needed to complete Atlantean’s Quest Bk. Four: The Return (so I could close the door on that series), write at least two more books (even if they were shorter than novel length), and send in a proposal to my agent.

The completion of this Quickie takes care of everything, but submitting a partial to my agent. After I edit this week, I’m going to work on that next. I may join the book in a month thing or do my own private one on my blog where I list my daily progress via word count. I haven’t decided yet. I’ve been productive enough that right now I don’t feel like I need the extra boost, but that may change.

My question to you all is what do you need to accomplish for you to feel that the year has been a success? Anything specific? It doesn’t have to be about writing, it can be about anything. Let me know.

17 comments to “One Thing Left”

  1. I think you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve done great with what you’ve accomplished.

    Me…I think I did okay. I wrote Lord Kir of Oz with Mackenzie, a YA with Susan, two rewrites of Forbidden Magic (groan) the novella Castaways, a Quickie Erotic Stranger, wrote Seduced by Magic, and Susan and I have to finish the third book in the YA series by the end of Nov. (We’re half way through it) I’m also hoping to write the 2nd book in the Return to Oz series with Mackenzie by the end of the year. Hmmm…did more than I thought!

    But then I write obsessively and have no life. LOL

  2. Chey, You’ve had an extremely productive year. I didn’t write for the first four months of this year. 🙁 At this point, I’d be happy if I managed my partial-maybe two and wrote one more novella length piece. 😀

  3. Wow – you guys make me feel like a slacker… But then I have to remind myself of that pesky day job. I finished edits on Into a Dangerous Mind which came out in May, and finished Stone Maiden which came out earlier this month and I’ve written half of an erotic romance (which I need to get back to and finish) and half of Fire Maiden which I need to finish by the end of the year. Oh yeah – and started a totally different erotic romance for the Amber Quill contest. I also entered two contests, held two contests, did a radio interview and lots of promoting on the loops and took out an ad in romance sells. Sigh… I think if I can finish Fire Maiden and the Amber Quill erotic romance by December 31st, I’ll be a happy woman.

  4. Tina, That’s a hell of a lot with the day job. You should be proud. I submitted two entries to a contest this year and one partial to a publisher. I try not to think about them or I’ll get freaked out. *g*

  5. WOW, Jordan!! That’s a lot you accomplished yesterday!! Good for you!

    This year has already been a huge success for me personally. However, it will all be for naught if I don’t make my deadlines by the end of this year. I bit off a big chunk by accepting some contracts that neeeded stories fast, and I’m determined to meet them. That means another 250 pages of the ST I’m working on now (buy Dec 1st) and then a novella by Jan 1st, and a short sotry and a non-fiction article. 🙂 Then in January….I’m gonna get drunk. LOL

  6. Jordan I dont know what it is but I’ve had a stinker of a year. At least you finished a WIP! LOL I’ve finished two novellas but they’re for a single author anthology and I’m still editing and I have 20 pages on the last novella and of course it’s not even sold *sigh*

    It’s incredibly frustrating and I’m real not happy with myself. That chick lit I started in january? Not done. The YA? Not done. The next dancehall novella? Not done. I guess if I look at my total wordcount it’s not bad but….I haven’t finished anything but short stories.

  7. Sasha, LOL! You’ll need a few bottles after all that. Good luck reaching your deadlines. You CAN do it!!! Just write what’s in your heart.

  8. Cece, I was in the same boat at the beginning of the year. I’d submitted a couple of partials, which were knocked back to me so fast I had to duck. I stopped writing after that for about four months. Started back up again in May and finished AQ4. I just needed to have a couple more pieces finished, even if they’re shorter. It’s just been one of those years. Here’s hoping 2006 is better.

  9. That’s awesome that you’ve gotten all that done! I’d consider the year successful for myself if I got these requests mailed out.

  10. Earlier this year there was a point when I felt splintered, or pulled in different directions. I was simply trying to do too many things at once and ended up spinning my wheels and not accomplishing much of anything. I had an eBay store that took a great deal of my time. I finally let that go a couple of weeks ago and that’s made me feel better–it’s taken a lot of the self-imposed pressure off. I completed another novel after Polly’s Perilous Pleasures was released and submitted that to my editor about six weeks ago (hoping to hear any time now). It’s the first book in a proposed paranormal romantic comedy series, and my best work to date I believe. I’m eager to write the rest of the books in the series, but afraid to until I know whether this manuscript is accepted or not. I’m working on a different novel now and that’s one-third complete. I also have the sequel to PPP partially completed. What I feel I need to accomplish this year, is to just keep on writing without regard to whether an already submitted manuscript will be accepted or not; to clear my house of the rest of the eBay stuff so that I’m done with all of that; and to stay true to my diet because getting the weight off and keeping it off is of primary importance to me (see my current blog post).

  11. Danica, Fingers crossed on the requests.

  12. Daisy, I think it’s easy to get caught up into what we ‘think’ we need to be doing. The added pressure can cause all kinds of problems. It sounds like you’re paring things down in your life, including your weight. Much success with it in the future.

  13. Congratulations on meeting your goals! That’s great news and wonderful motivation for you to keep pushing and excelling.

    I’ve been really bad about setting goals. For a long time, my goal was to get The Call. Once I did, I kind of stagnated. I’ve decided to follow your guidance on this and set some for 2006. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Wow, Jordan, I think you’re doing fine. It’s okay to revise your goals down a bit if necessary, but it’s great you met your second set of goals. Um, with regards to your last paragraph… I’ve done okay this year, considering the baby. I’m trying very hard to finish up my last short/novella for Christmas. If I manage to get that done, I’ll feel like the year has been a pretty good one!

  15. HelenKay, You’re welcome! 🙂 It’s strange how that first sale either blows you along or knocks the wind right out of your sails. I’ve never seen anything in between. I just keep telling myself that strategy is my friend. (wg)

  16. Ellen, You should be proud. A lot has happened this year for you. Glad you’re so close to reaching your goal. You can do it!

  17. YAY JORDAN! You have revised and accomplished! I am trying..