November 28th, 2005
Ellora’s Cave Turns Five

I remember when EC was just a toddler. Boy has it grown. Soon it will be heading off to primary school, not wanting to hold my hand when I take it to the bus. Sniffle. They grow up so fast. *ggg*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EC!!! May you keep going well into college. 😀

17 comments to “Ellora’s Cave Turns Five”

  1. Hi Jordan! I’ve been watching EC closely. I have a story that I plan on subbing to them soon. I write magical realism and some romance. I’m repped by Harvey Klinger, Inc. I recently heard that Harlequin is about to launch a paranormal romance line. Have you heard anything about this? I have a novel that would fit that so well!

  2. Oops! Messed up the link, sorry!

  3. Faith, I haven’t heard anything about a new paranormal line launching at HQ. I certainly hope you’re right. You’d need to ask Alison Kent or Jo Leigh. They’d probably have a better idea about what’s happening at the company than I would, since I don’t write for Harlequin…at least not yet. 😉

  4. Happy Birthday to EC…and to you, Jordan!
    Hope you get everything you want. Enjoy your day! I’ll be there in spirit!
    Love ya,
    J. 🙂

  5. Thanks Julie! You stinker. *ggg*

  6. 5 Years of Fun! And many more to come. : D

  7. Charlene, Absolutely!!!

  8. Is it your birthday too Jordan?

  9. Eve, It might be. *g*

  10. Happy Birthday Jordan!

  11. Thank you, Eve. 🙂

  12. Jordan,
    I just found out EC books are availbe to order in Chapters in Canada. Whoo Hooo and soon available in Chapter stores too.
    I’m excited!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!!! Miss you at DR. Try to get to the Christmas party???? If not, there’s always Desert Dreams!

  14. I work in a used bookstore and we get a lot of EC in there – I keep looking for names of authors I’ve seen on blogs – but haven’t seen any yet.

  15. Cathryn, That’s very cool!!!

  16. Maddie, Thank you very much! I’ll be at the meeting tonight. 😀

  17. Eve, That’s cool for getting EC’s name out.